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[Motogp] Spolier Sachsenring

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. QP.

    1. Rossi
    2. Lorenzo
    3. Stoner

    Totally wet qualifying.

    Turn 8 is treacherous and saw many really bad crashes. The air fence was punched out by Elias, DeAngelis and others.

    Hayden highsided INTO Canepa and took Canepa out with his body. Both riders ok.

    Rossi and Lorenzo swapped P1 over the last 20m with Rossi taking pole by over .6s on the last lap.
  2. That was an action movie crash.

    Stoner looked like he was just happy to sit on the front row, sat out the last 10min. :(
  3. I was watching on Motogp.com and loving the super slo-mo that the German's were using. Really showed how the bikes were bucking and moving in the rain.

    Stoner was a wise man! No point in injuring himself when he thinks that he has the pace to run with the front runners. Lorenzo and Rossi are engaged in a private battle.
  4. Smart move, really.
  5. Smart it was, exciting it was not. :grin:

    I guess there's not much difference between the front row sitters, no need for that pivotal pole position that is so important in F1.
  6. In the wet though the risks are so high and when you're already sick and have a recurrence of the scaphoid injury, sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.
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  8. :shock: indeed

    you'd want a pay rise to ride in conditions like that
  9. Thanks for the link, Dean. That was madness
  10. Madness, indeed. Love the one where de Angelis realised that he was gone and bailed out, landing on his back and leaving the bike to centrepunch the wall at barely reduced speed!!!

    Melandri certainly toasted the Hayate, too!
  11. Poor Hayden, bad bad start :(
  12. Stoner had a decent run, but I have no idea how anyone is going to beat those yamaha's. They are unstoppable this season!
  13. I'm a bit more positive after that Stoner performance, I expected him to go backwards at the halfway point, but he stuck in there.

    He needs to start winning races though.
  14. Stoner=not bad for someone with swine flu.

    It looked to me like Rossi was just messing around for the first half of the race, then seemed to blow past stoner. Great race though, awesome finish. Good result from Elias too, considering he started so far back!
  15. Even with worn tyres, they look like they are on rails. And both Rossi and Lorenzo look like they can place them anywhere they want to. The rest of the field is battling for third place.
  16. Mostly they do look like they're on rails.

    But Stoner looks like he's in a rodeo contest. I know it's old news, but I still can't get over how much bucking and twisting that Ducati does mid corner. The guy's got to have a lot of skill and a huge amount of trust in his bike to ride it out.
  17. That'll be slowing him down, I reckon.
  18. I want to see JL on a Honda, Like the commentators were suggesting.
  19. It took Rossi a couple of years to get the Yamaha right. It'd be interesting to see JL going to Honda if only to measure how much he's benefited from Rossi's set up work.
  20. He got it working pretty well sooner than that. Tyres and engine were the two things that stopped him in 2006 and 2007 was the first year with Rossi as their #1 that their bike was clearly outclassed.