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[Motogp] Spoiler Sepang

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Just finished watching Stoner in FP2 on Motogp.com. He had a beautiful sideways drift into T15. Awesome to watch.

  2. You've gotta be kidding me - fine weather ALL weekend and NOW it decides to piss down :confused:
  3. Tis the tropics!
  4. wow, pretty tight for the win
  5. The Goat is official World champ, but Casey has put him on notice with a ~20 second absolute belting.

    Wet racing shows who the boss really is.
  6. Really? Don't know if you're trolling or not, but all Rossi had to do was finish ahead of Lorenzo. Aside from the fact that Stoner is a pretty amazing rider, do you think that might have influenced his ideas for the race, especially after he stuffed up T1?
  7. pretty decent race overall, i reckon :) was a fun one to watch

    good job rossi... but as commentators said, its all gonna be headlines bout rossi, not stoners huge win :)
  8. I reckon the best race was the 125's, followed by the 250's. Simoncelli did well not to run Aoyama off the track, but they still seem to get on in Parc Ferme.

    The 125 interview was pretty good. Smithy deserves a place in Moto2.
  9. I know that Rossi is the Greatest Of All Time, but, I believe that when Casey is healthy, he is the best rider on the current grid.
    I was/am sorta trolling a bit though, because of all the haters. But if you count his limited laps and track time in all recent practice sessions, followed by dominant and skillful racing, he is in a class of his own .

    Disclaimer: the above is solely my opinion, and will not be changed by anyone :)
  10. Sounds about right Joel.

    Anyway, it was a great comback from Rossi to take 2nd after that shitty start. I reckon Lorenzo would be pretty annoyed to at least not have finished in front of Rossi. As well as being disappointed at being the one of the top 4 not to have placed on the podium.

    To valencia we go, championship in the bag. I expect a balls out effort from Rossi to add some respectibility to a season where he was practically given the championship by his rivals. But naturally I expect Stoner and the Spaniards to grace the podium.

    But on a serious note, Rossi has got to start winning races if he wants to beat the all time wins record.
  11. i didnt realise what time they all started! im to used to them being later in the evening haha. came inside to see my brother with it on, with the big race bout to start :)

    i thoroughly enjoyed the 125s and 250s last week, so it must of been a shame to miss em!
  12. rossi is the goat?

    no, bradman is the goat of all sports due to his standard deviations from the mean against other sportsman

    bradman was so good we all know if he took up motogp racing he would have been x15 times world champion.

    goat, sheesh!

    stoner showing good potential for next season!
  13. I'm impartial about the two Honda riders so it must be the underdog thing that had me wanting Dovi to get past Pedrosa - had to feel for the guy when he pushed it a little too hard.

    Hayden would have to be happy with a 5th and it was great to see him ride with a bit of fire - but it's disappointing that he's still a big gap away from the top 4.

    Rossi did it. Stoner did it. I enjoyed it.
  14. that to me sums up the session....looks like next session should be another cracker too :grin:
  15. Well done to Rossi. He fell of less or raced more than all of the major rivals this year and deserved the championship.

    But I'm in Joel's camp on Casey's current form. He will be the man to beat next year, and in the past two rounds has dealt out several severe and harsh lessons on how to ride a bike fast to the rest of the field.
  16. As a matter of interest, I just loved the ultra-slow motion video clips last night. The one of Casey's bike with the water pouring out of the hole in the bottom of the fairing was super and the one of Rossi's bike, showing the dry clutch plates spinning, was technically very interesting.
  17. I'm amazed at the lean angle they can get on bikes with wets these days!

    Yeah I noticed the same plate spinning shot, looked fantastic!
  18. Oh you’re not allowed to say that...
    The last time I suggested that Rossi was racing to the numbers I was shot down by the Rossi fanboys.
    Was sad to see Caparosi get eaten after his great start, but at the end of the day the exciting racing was Hero and Mister Fuzzy.
    Go you Little Japanese Kamikaze
  19. Much better race than the napfest at PI.

    When Stoner is on form, he's pretty amazing. It's about being able to punch through the whole season though.
  20. Nap fest?!?! LOL Stoner and Rossi barely a second apart for most of the race... meh!

    I must've been watching a different race season to you!