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[Motogp] Spoiler Mugello

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, May 30, 2009.

  1. Unbelievable QP for Motogp.

    1. Lorenzo
    2. Stoner
    3. Capirossi
    4. Rossi

    However, both Lorenzo and Rossi did a race simulation at the beginning and were setting consistent 1:49's lap after lap. No other riders were setting such consistent times.

    Capirex was simply stunning, pulling a red hat out of the bag after 3 grey hats on his last but one qualifying lap.

    Pedrobot seems to have done something to his hip, rumour is a dislocation, but he was seriously pissed off.
  2. I think that if Stoner manages to get a similar setup to his first bike before the off, then that will put him up there with the yam's.

    Is Hayden actually getting worse as the season progresses?
  3. Seems to be in the bottom few most weeks :cry:

    And Melandri was second last race :shock:

    So they must be setting the bike up only for Stoner, who's yet to find the perfect groove since first race

    And first time in 11 race starts Rossi not on front row at Mugello - hopefully Stoner can get a great start, stick with the Yam's and keep ahead of Rossi.
  4. He dropped 2 seconds off his time during Qualifying but still not fast enough. Really hope he gets the machine worked out. At least he hasn't given-up like Melandri had this time last year....
  5. He's had a bit of a shitty run - big crash in Qatar, got shunted off in Japan, new crew chief... Still, neither he nor the team would be happy with the start, obviously!

    The reason they signed Hayden was that he is supposedly similar in style to Stoner - both young "new school" riders, dirt-track background, comfortable with dominating electronics, unlike Melandri who was "old school" and struggled to trust the electronic package.
  6. From memory he's been starting way back on the grid every race to date.....tonight he's second last, Stoner's second :?

    And am a Hayden fan, thought he'd be great for Ducati to push Stoner....
  7. must be a wet track for warm up
    times between 2:02-2:08
    and hayden is faster than stoner :wink:
  8. With rain beginning to fall just at the beginning of the MotoGP warm up in Tuscany the premier class riders went out with their wet tyres on and Casey Stoner emerged as the fastest participant.


    Anyway, pissing down at start of 250 race - hopefully Casey can get it together and Vermulen also is up the front :cool:
  9. If it is wet, don't discount Vale.
  10. Lorenzo crashed on sighting lap! Back on circuit on 2nd bike.
  11. Is it wet?
  12. STONER!!!

    And who said there was no racing left in MotoGP!
  13. That's more like it!!!! What a race - if that's what happens when it rains, then Le Mans crashes aside, let it rain about an hr before each motoGP race!!! Lost track of how many leaders there were, but it was a special moment to see Melandri take the lead from Rossi and see Capirossi in the lead for a while with the suzuki. Heck, even Toseland found some form, but got pipped by Edwards on the last lap! Great stuff! :grin: Just got to set the alarm for the red eye SBK's now....
  14. Damn it, I should have never doubted the man.
  15. good race! finally some better competition :LOL:

    poor capirossi.

    shame i have work tomorrow and the sbk are on at 3 :(
  16. THey should have to change bikes every race :p

    Brilliant from all five marques, numerous lead changes. plenty of close racing throughout the field and some stacks - hope Pedrosa's hip's OK
  17. :applause:

    They should all be that close. I'd love to see the Kwaka with more podiums. I wonder if Mel's 1st --> 11th place was down solely to the drying track.
  18. grouse race!
  19. First time anyone except Rossi has won it for what - 7 years?

    Encouraging to see so much variation up front - Dovi, Capirex, Melandri (when was the last time a Kwaka led a race?) Vermulen early all mixing it with Casey and the Yams.

    And who would have thought pit stops and two lots of tyre choice would play such a big role in MotoGP races?

    Great to watch!

    Supers aren't on FTA, are they?
  20. i am with others, it was great racing, though i am starting to wonder if rossi has lost the no fear edge after his last off in the changing conditions, and even towards the end, he still lacked in speed to Lorenzo.

    Whether you like or hate the bloke, ( i am not a fan)of Lorenzo, it amazes me his speed on the track, after crash after crash after crash :shock: