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[Motogp] Spoiler Motegi

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Well, the QP session for Motogp has been cancelled due to the weather. Positions will be determined from the combined FP times. FP1 was dry and FP2 was wet, so that means that Rossi is on pole, Stoner in 2nd and Lorenzo 3rd.

    QP for 125's and 250's has also been cancelled. Grid positions will be determined from their FP times. This only the 2nd time in Motogp history that this has happened.

  2. We need to lobby for a MotoGP race for Griffith, or Mildura, or anywhere west of Wodonga.....
  3. I must say I was suprised to see they would do that. I thought they might have done a shorter QP Sunday morning.
  4. pretty dissapointing, qualifing is half the fun these days since the racing is mediocre.
  5. Disappointing maybe, but the circuit was covered at points and qualifying would have been dangerous to the extreme.
  6. yea I'd rather the riders stay alive, that's for sure. geez I just had a look at my spelling on my previous post. I knew that something didn't look right, especially looking at cejay's post. :oops:
  7. Rossi was pretty scathing about running Motegi & Qatar at this time of year. Japan in Spring is more than likely to be wet and Qatar is both cool and humid.

    Should be an interesting race. Only those teams with a good setup out of the box need bother turn up. So that pretty much means a Rossi/Stoner racer with Lorenzo a possibility. Both Suzuki's were quick, so they'll be the pick of the rest.
  8. Yeah, good to see the Suzi's both on the second row (parochial, I know, but good in the interests of competition too!) and CV has a pretty good record in the wet if it stays that way...
  9. Loz and I saw it at the Launceston Casino. Was orright.
  10. I can't find the damn race footage on the motogp site. There's highlights and such and it's always nice to pay that much to come on to the website and have the results laid out in front of you without the actual footage you're paying for.
  11. It takes them a little while to put up. You know you can watch it live in the site?

    Anyway, here is a link for the LAST full race, without you needing to see the results.

  12. Thanks mate, guess all I can do is wait.

    I've seen the Qatar one and just haven't bothered watching it live as it's easier to try and catch it when I get home. I only subscribed this year and the Qatar race went smoothly so wasn't sure why there was such a delay with this one.
  13. That link is really good as you can't find the video without going via their website, which gives you the damn results! Not sure of the delay, but totally understand the frustration.

    The sub is worth it, especially if you get the time to watch the FP and QP. The behind the scenes vids are also a great way to spend some time. I don't care much for Dorna, but they do have lots of good stuff on their site.
  14. That race is up now.