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[MotoGP] spoiler Jerez

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Prez, May 4, 2009.

  1. Well, that was a bit disappointing. I had really high hopes that this race was going to be a cracker. Yet again I was brought crashing down to earth. Congrats to Rossi, clinical performance. Great work by De punt and Melandri but the worrying thing is that they were still 30 sec behind the leader.

    There's not really much to say about this race, I think the cameras should have been pointed at Melandri, Capirex and Edwards as that was where the action was.

    I know this is not a Ducati track but haden is really having some trouble with this bike:cry: dosen't bode well for the rest of the season.

    Oh and if anyone gets a chance to watch the 250's, it was a cracker of a race.
  2. The money that they're throwing at the top riders' bikes is just mental. Randy Mamola told me that Rossi gets his crankcases made at the same place as the Suzukis - but they cost *ten times* more, because Yamaha's view is that if you're not racing to win, why race?

    And why? Because of this stupid 800cc engine size. The 990s were far simpler, you didn't need any funny-arse pneumatic valves etc etc etc to make whopping big power out of them - EVERYONE had a surplus of power, so it was down to power delivery, setup and a rider's willingness to push past the bike's comfort limit.

    The 800cc limit has proven to be a shit decision - it has made the competition more expensive, so the grid has shrunk. It has widened the gap between those who spend a lot - and those who spend a f*cking lot. You'd have to say it has had a negative effect on safety, because they're making very similar top speeds, lower lap times, and higher corner speeds - which is where the danger is anyway. And because the riders don't struggle with the power, it has led to two and a half seasons of processional racing in which each rider does his lap time with monotonous consistency and there's bugger all fighting.

    Back to the 990s, I say - and turf the traction control. Let's see who's really got hairs on their balls.... Was that a pig flying past my window?
  3. Bit of a yawnfest really.

    Clinical win by Rossi.

    Dani looked promising, but refused to really push for the win again.

    Stoner was lucky that Lorenzo fell while chasing him down, but he should be pleased with a third at Jerez on a Ducati.

    The worrying thing was how the grid just slowly spread out as each rider just rode there respective machine to the technical limits. You are right Loz. Back to 990 cc, with spec engine mapping/traction control (ie no GPS links) and with the Bridgestone control tires, there might be some closer racing again.

    This is in a stark contrast to the gripping excitement machine that is World SBK. These things slide, spin up and are generally ill behaved, over weight monsters that take some real balls to muscle around. Yet despite these so called short comings, we have a podium covered by less than a second at Assen, and regularly have a 5-6 bike freight train battling for positions.
  4. Why stop there. The Girlie and I were talking about how much better the contest would be with the young guns on 500 smokers.
  5. There goes a flock of greased up, bbq sauce covered pigs...
  6. 990's are a romantic idealists dream.

    As JB has pointed out, the 990's were becoming increasingly affected by electronics. The 990's would have the same electronics as now, except they'd be quicker still.

    Banning electronics then becomes a nightmare to police, unless you have a control ECU. And if you have a control ECU, why not have a control engine?

    Even the 500's would have been affected with electronics. When a top flight 250 from Aprilia will cost you the best part of a million Euro, then works 500's would still be outrageous to run.

    990's were initially great to watch because they made more power than the tyres could possible deal with and the electronics were not as sophisticated. Now both the tyres and the electronics contain the spins and crazy stuff.

    Where the 800's have ruined the spectacle is that they are now on a knife edge (just like the 500's) and have become one line machines.

    500's were boring as bat shit to watch as you couldn't spin them up without fear of a serious high side. Watching people get maimed isn't my idea of fun.

    Motogp is expensive because the bikes are all prototypes and where all the development cost is exposed on the bottom line. We can guess how much a Ten Kate bike costs to develop and race because they'll sell you one from their shop. But the bulk of the costs were invested by Honda designing the basic bike and that's way more than the couple of hundred thousand Euro's a Ten Kate Blade will cost you.

    Motogp is all about the personalities and if they were there in depth, we wouldn't mind. But they're all robots. WSBK is about the bike and the riders personality isn't as important. When you've got a full 30 bike grid, crazy action and close racing, we don't care so much that half the riders are less interesting than watching grass grow in the desert. When you have 18 bikes, only 4 of which could possibly win and what action there is is spread throughout a 5km circuit, then the dearth of personalities is starkly laid bare.
  7. Yep - the 250's were a hoot and had plenty of drama. Well done to Barbera and especially Aoyama to pip Bautista right on the last corner/line.

    Think you guys are being a tad harsh as you're comparing a good race last night against a really excellent SBK race at Assen last week... like comparing an overcast week to a sunny one in distant memory. After all, SBK race 1 at Assen was fantastic, but race 2 wasn't quite so fun once Spies crashed out.

    Yesterday, no one led from pole to finish, plenty of scrapping across the field, 4 guys up the front competing for the win (not like anyone's running away with it this season, yet) with possibly another if Dovizioso hadn't run off the road. Rossi made up huge amounts of time to get up front only once he got past his team mate on the same bike, RdP got into the top 6 as did Melandri (judging on Hayden's showing thus far, maybe it's not all poor Marco's fault...). Stoner got his 1st podium at Jerez (that's pronounced "Hereth" for all you foxsports commentators... :roll: it's like listening to Ron Atkinson or worse, David Pleat doing the football commentary - "here comes Stefan, ummm, Kooooonz..." ) - *EDIT* just realised, for those of you not familiar with German footballers/english commentators, the player in question is Stefan kuntz. It's self explanatory, and a bad example.... Dovizioso ran off track but still passed supposedly good riders on decent machines (Toseland, WSBK champ anyone?) to end up 8th, Toni Elias was gutted with 9th and looked inconsolable in comparison to the emotion and pride being displayed by RdP and Melandri's teams (that'll show kawasaki not to/how to run a team...) and to top it all off we had a return to the usual theatricals and showmanship from Rossi at the end - they must put those portaloos there on purpose just for him :LOL: .

    The only thing missing for the home crowd was Lorenzo or Pedrosa to win the thing, but they had pole and the led the race for much of the meet, so can't complain too much... hey, I was entertained and felt I'd got my $'s worth from my foxtel subscription. I'd give it a 8/10 for entertainment - which is what it was.

    Thing I did notice is that both Danibot and Stoner seem to be enjoying themselves a bit more this season than they've shown previously. Much more smiling, camaraderie and Danibot even "dancing" on the podium. It may be stilted and put on, but at least they're trying to inject some of the personality you actually get from Rossi and Edwards when they do a press conference. Watch a F1 press conference to be bored out of your skull (only just better than the racing), that's after Schumacher, Mansell and Brundle retired (obviously a Senna & Prost conference was gold though).

    I for one can't wait for the next SBK and MotoGP races. :grin:
  8. I want more wet races.
  9. I liked watching Stoner and RdP's stand-up wheelies over the line. Put a smile on my face :grin:
  10. maybe motogp just need better riders. shake off the regulars, bring in fresh faces on equal bikes - tone down gaps between factory and satellite then it won't be the same 3-4 riders at the top and same old fillers at the back.

    also rider aid electronic, cut them.
  11. +1

    Seems to be the only way to get Vermeulen onto the podium!
  12. Right, V2. I had high hopes for the Suzuki, as it seemed good in pre-season testing. Disappointing in all races so far. The Kawasaki has been suprising though.
  13. 125 race was incredible, bloke started back of the grid came up to, 3rd? crashing out on the second to last lap. Best race i've watched in a long time.
  14. There's an awfull big difference between a control ECU and a control engine. I don't see a problem with a control ECU. Rev limit of say 19,000rpm and everything else up to the engine tuner.
  15. I'm with Rog, wet races are tops.
    Perhaps a water-cart to make the track just damp enough, before they start....like speedway :grin:
  16. Joel, do you have a spare one, that we could take over there?