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[Motogp] spoiler Donnington

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Prez, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Did anyone get their tips right? :LOL:

    Pretty tense finish in the end, really enjoyed that. A shame that Ducati put a bit of a pall on the race for me.

    Both Lorenzo and Stoner a bit lucky with Rossi binning it. But you've gotta give that man credit to still finish that high. Champion rider.

    I still want Stoner to win the Championship, but it's looking pretty grim now. :(

    Congrats to Dovi on his first win, but was hoping to see Edwards pip him to the finish line.

    Once again, sucks to be Ducati.
  2. fcuk yeah De Puniet. Great ride, shame he lost second to Edwards right at the very end.
  3. Sweet race, must be a shit of a track, especially in damp conditions. WTF were Ducati thinking with rain tyres? Hindsight is a biatch ain't it. :wink:
  4. ahh what a night, fantastic superbike racing on fox sports, then flicked over to 1hd and moto gp, what a race :LOL: Big gamble from Ducati that didnt pay off, sorry Darryl but ur love child Casey couldnt quite perform on the day, Cant beleive it, He was getting lapped And Dazza was still concerned and talking crap crap crap about Casey, for F$%k sake, there is a dozen other bikes out there mate. not 1 :LOL:
    If he is so Blewdy concerned maybe he should be a Mentor for Casey, im sick of hearing about him. Flicked back to fox and they were a lap ahead with there coverage :LOL: .
    Tear up Dazzas contract for next year, its time to move in Magee :grin:
  5. What a bloody stunning race! You wouldn't pick that podium in a hundred years.

    I was expecting De Puniet to go down at any second (as he customarily does) but he held on for third which is a bloody amazing effort from him.

    Seeing Rossi go down was a bit of a shock but in true fashion he got right back on it and rode it home for a good result all things considered. Not surprised to see Lorenzo bin it but it did make for an exciting race.

    But yeah - Dovisioso's first win, Edwards' podium and De Puniet actually completeing a race (much less a podium finish) - what a ball tearer!

    I think I've become tired of the usual Rossi/Stoner/Lorenzo/Pedrosa podiums this season. Was good to have a big shake up, if at least for one race!

    But what the hell were Ducati thinking sending Stoner out there on wets? Did they get their meteorology predictions from a fortune teller hotline? They had 5 laps to have rain pissing down before that became a good idea. Why would you even take the risk? Stoner is good in the wet. If they really were expecting wet weather they still should have started on slicks like everyone else so he could have kept up and then if it started to rain let it work to his advantage when everyone else had to pit anyway.

    Someone in that garage needs to have their arse kicked until their nose bleeds.
  6. Its the only way Stoner can find a way of beating the yamahas these days is to take a gamble :LOL:
    Maybe Darryl should head over to Europe and give Casey some tips :LOL: he would be better served over there than on 1HD :LOL:
  7. Still cant believe Ducati went on wets, what a total waste. I mean why would you not start on the same tyres as everyone else....instead of a total gamble for really no good reason.
  8. Shame about Stoner - thought with Rossi and Lorenzo binning it - the teams gamble wouldn't have had much bearing ont the points ladder

    How awesome was Rossi's ride, bins the bike, jumps back on, starts chasing the pack at 12th, and finsihes fifth and increases his lead even further - champoion effort. From the on board, his cluth looked gone - unless he had a bit of thread tape there so it could rotate without breaking off :LOL:

    Well done to Dovisioso on his first GP win - they chased him hard the last few laps :cool:
  9. What a strange race.

    I couldn't believe Ducati's boneheaded move at the start of the race. Hayden and Stoner day was effectively ruined when the start flag dropped. Stupid, stupid decision.

    Jorge will be kicking himself and has no one to blame either. Touching the white line on a day like that will only end one way. This will not bode well for the current request for a pay rise.

    Rossi has the luck of the Irish. He is the only rider I know that call fall off, still finish and extend his championship lead. Gritty ride at the end got him the valuable points though.

    I was cheering for Edwards at the end, because I would ave loved his answers at the press conference if he had won, but still a well deserved second, and congratulations still have to go out to Dovisioso who pushed hard in tricky conditions. Pedrosa has to look long and hard at his ticker as he seems to pull the pin quickly when this get a little hard.
  10. Mitch, apparently Donnington is slippery in the wet, more so than other tracks,it is located right next to an airport which could have something to do with it. Also riding on slicks in those conditions would not be fun.
    Good to see a podium without the big 4 up there.
  11. I'm a die hard Ducati supporter, but I agree - WTF where they thinking! Talk about embarrassing - getting lapped by the leaders on about lap 15 of a 30 lap race!

    Apparently Stoner had the fastest time on the track in the wet practice, so if it would have rained, he would have had as much time as the rest of them to change bikes and he would have had the advantage anyway?

    I dont get it!

    I'm so embarrased, I'm leaving my Ducati in the garage this weekend!

  12. Crazy decision.
    But who made the decision, the Team Manager or the riders.?????
    I know if I were out there putting my nuts on the line, i would be making the decision of what tyre I used, Not the team manager who can sit in the garage
  13. wow that was certainly a interesting race.....as for stone and hayden i heard it was the riders that choose to run wets and that the team suggested they start on slicks like the rest of the field.....oh well if it hard rained we would all be sitting here patting them on the back on a great decision, anyway thats why they say it's a gamble
  14. i though it was a great race and i hope we have a few more before the end of the year great season so far :grin: