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[Motogp] spoiler Assen

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Prez, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Congrats for 100 wins Rossi

    The camera should have been on the midpack for the whole race the top 5 was like watching paint dry.
  2. I thought it was very exciting watching Rossi steal a tenth here and a tenth there while Lorenzo rode at his limit.

    They don't always have to be bashing fairings for it to be exciting.
  3. Valentino Rossi, what a ledgend. Not only has this guy racked up 100 premier class wins, but he's done so laughing all the way (in his own cheeky chappie sort of way). That's what makes him a true champion in my eyes, that he's obviously enjoying himself, yet has time to remember others (Jerry Burges after Catalunia - he'd just lost his mum). Compare that to the some of the other "characters" challenging for the title in Stoner and Danibot, Lorenzo's still got time to learn from the Doctor!
  4. Of course Sparrar you are correct, but it became quite clear long before the end of the race that Lorenzo would not have enough.

    Plus I'm just complaining coz my live feed was crap, so I didn't get all those cool little details of the bike moving around.

    Also, I'm a Stoner fan, so just like Stoner I will also complain if things don't go my way. :p

    Speaking of Stoner, he was a no show at the press conference, my feed was in French so I don't know what kept him away. He was on the podium, looking less than pleased but still better than at Catalunya.
  5. He is getting close to the breaking point in terms of the mental breakdown that began in Laguna Seca a year ago. Having to witness Rossi's post 100th win celebrations probably didn't do him any good.
    When Stoner goes back to Laguna Seca next week he might finally snap (going through the corkscrew might be the tipping point) and we'll see him in a straight jacket by the end of the race.

  6. what happened at laguna seca last year?
  7. its quite clear Casey cant hack losing. Why cant he just admit those other 2 fellas were better than him on the day :grin: thats my twew cents worth :LOL:
  8. He in fact has 74 "premier class" wins, the rest of his 100 grand prix wins are made up of 12 x 125cc and 14 x 250cc.
  9. and 22 wins in any class till he breaks Ago's record (which, of course, was made up of 350cc and 500cc wins)
  10. Stoner was suffering from a continuance of the 'flu bug that afflicted him at Catalunya and went straight to the motorhome.

    One of the more boring MotoGp races apart from the on-going scrap for 6th place. Pity Kallio spoiled it on the last corner, though.
  11. Rossi don't forget has also won races AND the last title on the 500 strokers, all that's missing is the 350 which there is no doubt were it still around he would have won on that also.
  12. The 250 was quite a decent race though. Pity about bautista, would have made an excellent last lap
  13. Yes, it was an excellent race. Great to see the underdeveloped, under-funded Honda take the win. The only pity about Bautista is that he couldn't show some more discipline. Novice error leaves him in the dust.
  14. I'm wondering about that 'under done and under developed' bit. Honda knew this was the last year of the 250's, a class they helped destroy by effectively pulling out (along with Yamaha) and thereby allowing Aprilia to create a monopoly where they can pick and chose who gets the best bikes etc...

    They also had a pretty good idea that they'd be the most likely candidate to supply a bike should it be a single engine class (as it turned out). Not at all unlike Honda to manipulate the situation so that they end up being the last 250cc World Champions.

    That Honda is so quick and so up to date, no way is it a 3 or 4yo design.

    As for Stoner, his post race collapse was over 2 weeks ago. Having access to the best doctors and physio's, reporting that he was perfectly fine all week and Thursday/Friday, but collapsing again on Saturday indicates something isn't right.
  15. There is no such thing as an under-funded factory Honda. Never was, never will be.

    Stoner just needs to mature, he'll be ok. He will probably look back with slight embaressment at the last couple of seasons. Just my 2c. :)
  16. Dunno, I reckon Stoner is there. He IS the threat. Rossi can still lose it, & lose it to Stoner & Loz. Stoner maybe feeling down with what ever bug he's got but he is still a contender.

    And Stoner is doing it riding a Ducati, probably the hardest bike to ride fast there is in those pits.
    Pretty good going for a lil fella.
  17. AND...he's still only 9 points behind Rossi. Still, having said that, the FIAT juggernaut certainly seems to be gathering momentum.
  18. well, whatever this mysterious condition is, he dosen't have long to get it sorted before Laguna.