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[Motogp] SHOCK! Spies to Factory Yamaha

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. sorry dude but its not a "shock" because its been talked about for a few weeks
  2. oh yeah because u were clearly being sarcastic
  3. i wasnt being a prick and theres no way u made it sound sarcastic
  4. dammit! I was expecting 007 with walther PPK's!! no... sadly im not joking, my one defense is that I dont follow bike racing that much apart from the Isle of Mann
  5. Oh really...... Thanks!!!
  6. your detector must be broken.
  7. Time for a nap, Phil.
  8. Ceejay!..how many times have I told you not to be sarcastic!
    Next thing, you'll be telling me is that Rossi, is going to Ducati!!...shish!

    ( like I'm gonna fall for that! Pfft!)
  9. nah, that would mean casey stoner would have to leave ducati, cant see that happening anytime soon... right?
  10. Nah, word is Casey is safe at Ducati as long as he doesn't keep falling off like he did a while back. I haven't had time to catch up with MotoGP for a few races, he hasn't been falling off has he? :-s
  11. Actaully, Ducati is having second thoughts about Rossi. HE keeps falling off!! 3 times in the US over the week-end. Ouch!
  12. Farewell present to Yamaha? Or Yamaha's farewell present to Vale?