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MotoGP Sachsenring Preview (Long)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Well MotoGP circus packed up the canoes at Donington, and have headed over the channel to the wonderful East German Sachsenring. Everything is now read in a bad German accent…

    This is probably the most hated track on the calendar by the MotoGP riders. The 250 cc guys can sometimes lap faster here due to it’s stupidly tight infield section. It does boast one of the more frightening corners in MotoGP though. It is a very fast right handed kink and straight after this they fly down the hill into a medium left hander. Anyone remember the Texan Tornado (What a name) having to dismount his own Aprilia BBQ?

    Achtung Baby!!

    Seeing how Rossi has clubbed everyone like baby seals this year, I am now only going to concentrate on the battle for second. It is all that will be interesting for the rest of the season. There is only 12 points splitting The Tornado, Biaggi, Melandri and Gibernau in the battle for who cares. Yamaha would love a 1-2 for the season, and the Texan has finally hit some form.

    Melandri has out classed his team-mate Gibernau this year, and this could prove to be an interesting battle. They have both made some stupid mistakes, but I don’t think you can blame them for both falling off at Donington. I would have fallen of a wheelchair in those conditions. I think Biaggi will be riding for his career as I don’t think he will be offered the full factory option next year, but he has always gone strong at Sachsenring. I wonder who he will blame after the season is over, but I don’t care as he can make way for Chris Vermulen.

    Ohh Mark, you biatch!!

    As for the battle of the Bridgestone boys, I will offer my apologies to Junior. I have never really been a believer in his skills, but he proved me wrong at Donington. It is really hard to judge just how good Kawasaki, Suzuki and Ducati are compared to each other. If I was any of these guys, I would simply want to be the first Bridgestone finisher home. Go Hopper!

    I think the silly season has kicked off for 2006 in a big way. I have heard Celine Dion has got a ride for Kawasaki and Flipper the dolphin will be riding a Proton KR. These reports can neither be confirmed nor denied but I will chase all sources to try and find out the exact details. If you have heard any ridiculous claims, post away, plus I need some proof about Celine Dion.

    I will also wish Anthony West luck on the new KTM. I love the orange bikes and I wish him blistering horsepower for the new 250 cc bike. Have I mentioned how much I love the orange bikes?

    Well it’s Marky McSlow reporting from the land of beer and bad humour. Remember to chain the kids under the stairs for the night and enjoy some kick arse racing from Sachsenring.

    Now where did I leave my massive beer mug……
  2. I predict that Rossi will win!

    Yes I know it's a very controversial prediction but I like to live dangerously..
  3. Are you FUGGIN CRAZY!! :shock:

    Oh wait, your probably right.

    This is controversial.

    I predict Shane Byrne will win. Take that. :p
  4. Give Rossi the trophy and send him home now so that we can actually have a race where we don't know the result before it starts.

    I'll be VERY interested to see the performance of the KTM 250 after Donnington, go the Aussies.
  5. Some great footage of Nicky Hayden showing us how the rear wheel should really be used. (1.7M8)
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  7. That vid is quite interesting, he was thrown at the point when the bike went into a sideways angle to the direction of travel (point of maximum grip). When you look at it like that it's not surprising the tyres gripped and threw him off (energy has to be dissipated somehow).

    Ok, back to sleep now zzzzzzzzzzzZZZ

    PS. That footage of Hayden was amazing stuff :D