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MotoGP - Round 4 - Shanghai Circuit (CHN)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, May 4, 2006.

  1. The ever travelling MotoGP circus ships the big top over to China for round 4. While the Shanghai Circuit looks spectacular, it is not a favourite of the riders. Facilities and safety are world class, but the Herman Tilke designed circuit lacks the high speed corners that the riders tend to like. It was designed to maximise passing opportunities for the F1’s, but this does not make a great bike circuit. You only have to look at the stupid 180 degree 1st gear corner following a 330 km/hr straight as an example. You wouldn’t wanting to be thinking “Did I leave the oven on?” as you sail past your braking marker!

    There is a list of about 6-7 riders that can win in China, so I will randomly pick the 7 that I think have a shot:

    Melandri is full of confidence after a great win in Turkey. He is showing great maturity, by stealing the win after stalking Stoner for a lap and a half. We will have to club him in the knee ‘ice skater style’ when he gets to Australia.

    Rossi has won here last year in the pi$$ing rain. He still amazes me as he had a truly crap weekend at Turkey and still got a fourth. He is still waiting for Edwards to finish.

    Hayden has been super consistent all year, and must know he can take that next step for a win outside the USA. Not every circuit is as hard as Laguna Seca and farm boy needs to get a bit angry I think. Poke him with sticks everybody.

    Stoner knows he can run at the front with the big boys now, but does he still look 12 years old to you? He has shown maturity beyond his years, and looks a real chance. He also dominated in the wet on a 250 cc last year.

    Both Sete and Loris know they have good speed on the Duck’s, but Bridgestone need to lift a little bit to get week to week consistency. The massive straights at Shanghai will suit the stupidly powerful Ducati’s and expect to see some bright red missiles sucking the paint off some opposition bikes as they fly by.

    Teeny, weeny, little Danny Pedrosa is also looking threatening in the wings. He will just have to curb the 250 corning style towards the end of the races, as he may be burning up his front tire.

    As for the rest, Suzuki may have made a big step in there bright blue piece of crap, as they were no reports of engine parts littering the track in Turkey. They have employed the guy who developed the GSXR1000 engine, so next year, expect to some blinged up GP bike with fluoro neons, Yoshi exhausts, Oggy knobs and fender eliminators. They will also hold you up in the corners and hose you on the straights.

    (Now, now Mark, be nice…)

    Kawasaki was almost invisible at Turkey, so they may need to do a little work to catch up to the rest of the field.

    It’s time to order a case of Tiger beer, some cheap Chinese take out and kick back to watch another round of the world’s best soap opera for blokes. I am also sure some kind citizen will change the title of this post to proper Netrider MotoGP format (Big shout out to Dan, our ever loving, ever vigilant Racing and Motorsports Moderator!) :cheeky:

    (This may be the last preview for a month as I am away travelling. Now don’t cry people, as I will try to post something from the road on Le Mans and Mugello, but I may be too drunk to bother…)