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MotoGP Round 3 - Grand Prix of Turkey

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. The MotoGP circus packs up its tent and leaves the plains of Spain, for the gateway to Asia, Istanbul. Or Constantinople. Or Istanbul. Or Constantinople. Or Istanbul. Or Constantinople. Or… You get the idea. They head to the newly built 5340 metre Istanbul Park Circuit in Turkey, designed by the uber circuit guru Herman Tilke. It’s a bit of a schizophrenic track, incorporating several elevation changes, slow stop/start technical areas, and the most fearsome corner in MotoGP. The riders, or gods as we know them, approach turn 11 in 5 th gear flat out at 457 km/hour, tip in and hope for the best. It’s enough to fill the bravest mans leathers with panic sweat, or the weaker amongst us would just pass out from the shear fear of it.

    While they have raced here twice in the past, with honors going to Marco Melandri both times but they are yet to turn a wheel of the 800 cc bikes in anger here, so setup and tire choice will be an educated guess as the boffins will try to strike a balance between quick change of directions and slow speed handling, and fast flat out high speed stability. These are not complimentary bike setups but I’ll let the engineer nerds throw there slide rules at each other while they argue about spring preload or some other stuff.

    Rossi and Colin Edwards head to Turkey with a bit of an arrogant swagger. While the Yamaha is somewhat down on go-forward-fast-stuff, the smaller unit is handling like a silk glove. Rossi put that bike wherever he wanted at Jerez, and CE ran a top job as tail gunner. If Michelin makes a good guess with the tires, it will be a Rossi lesson in Racing 101 come Sunday.

    This leave Honda scratching there heads as to what to do about there new problem child. The factory guys Danni Pedrosa and Nicky Hayden, have not bonded well with the new slimmed down bike, and seem to be chasing setup issues. This may be due to Honda making the most radical changes to their bikes architecture during the off-season, and they are struggling to get it to work really well as any Honda should. This leaves the poor customer guys like Marco Melandri, Tony Elias and Shinya Nakano to sort the problems out for themselves.

    Ducati could be the real dark horse at Turkey, and it will be very dependant if Bridgestone supply some great tires and Loris Capirossi sorts out his head after the birth of his new baby. Casey Stoner scored his first podium at Turkey and should be really strong here, and he has constantly dumped egg on my face this season. The other Ducati D’Aitin riders don’t stand a chance on the Dunlops.

    Suzuki could also surprise if John Hopkins bloody stops hurting himself. I think he seriously enjoys inflicting injuries on top of his current healing injuries, so the three week break would have done wonders for his battered body. Chris Vermulen is also going along quite nicely, but Suzuki is still missing a little something that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe a little more HP is all they need to really start worrying the front running teams.

    Kawasaki is in terrible trouble with a poor start to season 2007. They have a good riders in Olivier Jacque (Don’t hate him cause he’s French) and Randy Du Puniet (Coolest name ever) but the bike just doesn’t seem fast. They need a big jump in HP to see where there chassis is really at but I don’t see that occurring in the near future.

    So fire up the hookah bong, kick back with friends and enjoy the world’s best racing though a haze of tobacco smoke. I’m off to brew a pot of coffee with a fine Turkish blend so powerful, it’s classified as a Class 3 flammable liquid and will cause birds to fall from the sky.
  2. I was reading somewhere that the Kwakas and Suzis have valve action technology that lets them rev to 20,000rpm and produce loads of power - it's a fuel tank range issue now; the higher revs chew the standard fuel load too quickly so they're restricting them back to 17 or 18krpm. They're also talking about letting the full banana rip towards the end of a race to give them a strong finish if they're confident the fuel will last.
  3. Usual great read Marco, just one question though; is a hooker bong just a mis-spelling for hookah, or does it really come with special 'extras'?
  4. so when will it start? :LOL: and any station infO?
  5. Thanks Inci. Spelling sorted (So tired...) :LOL:

    And as for Loz, I think Suzuki have confirmed they are running pnuematic valves (ie F1 technology and 20 000-21 000 rpm was the upper limit for the old single use qualifiing motors I believe), but I don't know about the Kwaka's.

    You are right about the fuel economy issue though, and I have seen pit boards asking riders to switch mapping modes mid race to either save fuel or tires.
  6. Just make sure you've got your safety glasses on then :wink:

    kusursuz konferans olarak alýþýlmýþ elmarco :)
  7. How many years has it taken the rest to catch up with Ducati and have positively driven valve closing?
  8. Rubber gloves, metal tongs, lab coat and safety glasses. That's the minimum just to change the coffee filter...

    Can someone help with the Turkish?
  9. 457km/hour? 250's maybe, surely the MotoGP boys would be knocking on 713.

    Grammatical error:
    there in place of their.
    (I am going to allow the Americanisms...)

    Just joshing mate, always enjoy reading your write-ups, great work :applause:

    Seriously though, 'their', not there.
    Nah, only kidding.
    I'm not really though.
    Yes I am.
    Their, mate. Their!
    Nah, you're alright...

  10. ...hooker bong... now that'd be something... :-k

    :applause: great write up mate.

    Im secretly hoping that Randy do pull the other one, makes some magic happen for Kwaka...
  11. 10.30 Sunday night on Ten
  12. wow good time thx
  13. Great time :D

    When I saw this I thought I had missed it again XD, then I checked the post date.
  14. Great preview by the guru again, if the race is half as good it should be a cracker!!
  15. Hopefully we'll see some greeen closer to the front this round. :(
  16. Looking forward to this, it's been a long 4 weeks.

  17. Looking at the Australian TV Guide - sunday 22nd

    Channel 10 - 11pm
    Foxtell Sports 2 - 6.45pm
  18. Yeah it's been a little bit of a crap time for the Kwaka's, both in MotoGP and SBK. Although they have had a little success in Supersport with the new 600, that doesn't really count for much compared to the two big premier classes.

    My apologies for the spelling and grammar, as I was REAL tired when I smashed this out with my elbows.
  19. Foxtel being installed as we speak :grin: \:D/ :dance:
  20. Original link: http://www.motogpnews.com/home.php?pageid=819