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MotoGP Round 2 - Jerez

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. The boys rinse the stinking Qatar rose water out of the leathers, pack up and head off to sunny Jerez, Spain. Nestled in the sun burnt hills south of Madrid, Jerez is a favorite of many fan and rider. Expect 40 billion Sangria soaked Spaniards to be rioting and looting if Danni Pedrosa does or doesn’t win. Either that or they set all the portaloos ablaze with their leftover fireworks anyway.

    Ducati head to Jerez with a cocky Italian strut knowing they have the fastest, meanest and reddest bike on the planet. The red bike was so fast they are still pulling FIAT logos out of the air box. One point to note is that it is also handling good well demonstrated by Casey Stoner pulling out the fastest lap Qatar right on the last lap. Top work son, but look for Loris Capirossi to bounce back after his fall and be strong in Spain. The Bridgestone tires seem to be working very well as Stoner was only on mediums for the race in Qatar while Rossi had his hard Michelins.

    The folk at Yamaha must be wondering where the lost 65 hp went to. They were relatively snail like down the chute at Qatar, but the bike looks impressive under brakes and into the corners. There will be 467 Japanese engineers working day and night back at the factory trying to find some engine speed for Rossi but it won’t be a huge disadvantage at Jerez due to the much shorter straights, and Rossi is a master here already taking home a BMW for the fastest rider at the official MotoGP test. Edwards was also strong in preseason testing here, and now with the limited number of tires available for race weekends, politics won’t prevent him from getting the best race day equipment.

    Honda probably left Qatar scratching there heads as to why they couldn’t run with Rossi’s slow Yamaha and the Bridgestone shod Ducati, and had to battle for a minor place with a Suzuki of all things. Danni P. will want to show his strength at his home GP and all the Repsol head honchos will be in attendance wanting Rossi blood. Nicky Hayden is already under massive pressure after a poor showing at Qatar. This season will be a constant uphill grind for the Kentucky Kid as he will have to battle stronger opposition and a purpose built Danni Pedrosa Honda as well as the usual HRC politics. He has to turn things around at Jerez straight away. The rest of the Honda mob will be left to there own devices sorting out the new 800 cc bike but look for Tony Elias to shine.

    The real dark horses of the competition are the Smurf coloured Suzuki’s. They look to be working well with the Bridgestone tires, have equivalent horsepower to the Yamaha (Not much!!) and have two hungry skilled riders. I expect John Hopkins to break out for his first win of the season this year and I will drink much beer in celebration. Chris Vermuelen provides strong back up in this rapidly improving team, but will need to exert his dominance early if he wants to remain at Suzuki.

    We have already lost Illmor from the grid after only one round. This must be a worry for the Dorna, and I bet they wish BMW or KTM (Much less likely) would hurry up and field an entry to increase the grid numbers. You can also see the struggle the Kawasaki and customer Ducati team’s face just trying to field two riders. Team Green already looks somewhat lost and they need rapid improvements.

    I love the section of Curva Alex Criville linking into Curva Ferrari followed by the hairpin Ducados onto the straight which often sets the scene for some last lap heroics that Jerez is infamous for. I can’t wait. Well I’m going to kick back with great friends, down some Sangria and a watch the worlds best pilots ride around one of my favorite tracks on the calendar.
  2. I wonder if anyone actually checked that Ducati changed to 800cc?? :LOL:

    Great write up once again.

  3. The Ilmor departure is indeed depressing. The MotoGP grid was anaemic enough. I wonder if anyone else will give Pitty or McCoy a ride?
  4. Back in Bologna the apprentice engineer re-does some calculations and relises he forgot to carry the 1. :oops:
  5. :rofl:

    Champagne comedy!
  6. i'm drooling already. thx mark.

    Channel 10 - 12.15am-2.45am (Monday morning)
    Foxtel Sports 2 - 7.30pm-12.00am (Sunday night)
  7. Bit torrent Not long after :LOL:
  8. +1 :cool:
  9. I hate to sound like a ducati loving fanboy...well actually i dont, GO DUCATI!

    Been a while since i could cheer that lol
  10. ...and mixed up imperial with metric after a couple too many vino's... lol

    Great write up.


  11. Here's to our resident guru: great stuff Marco! Any predictions this far out about the weather, and what effect it may have??

    {Yeah, I know, the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain...} :LOL:
  12. B00dly hell Hornet. Always with the homework!!! :p

    I have checked the weather forcast for Sunday and they are predicting sangria, fireworks and sultry grid girls.

    On a semi-serious note, the surface at Jerez has copped a pounding over the years due to a lot of F1 testing and racing, so if it rains, it can be a very slippery circuit. I dare someone to ask Mick Doohan about the painted lines on the back straight...

    I think they are predicting changeable weather for Sunday (It's cool but fine at the moment) so this could throw a massive spanner in the works. With the teams only bringing limited tires to each GP weekend now, there will be no chance of flying in special 'brews' to compensate for a massive change in tempuratures.

    I always hope for dry race anyway...
  13. The new tyre regulations only affect the dry tyres , teams are still allowed as many wets and intermediates as they want..... i believe.
    And it was an issue of glue with the FIAT stickers, apparently Clag isn't wind proof.
  14. I so wish I still had pay TV! :cry:
    Looks like another late night after an 8 hour ride the same day!
  15. Cost me $100 to subscribe to the MotoGP channel for the year, I watched the last race live just like those with Foxtel which costs $60p/mth :grin:
  16. I'd be surprised, if by seasons end, Pedrosa and possibly even Melandri don't carry more status within the Honda camp than Hayden.
  17. season`s just begun,pedrosa carries more sponsorship than status
  18. and anyone figure out what happened to Locatelli?
  19. To me it lookd as if Roberto Locatelli's steering locked up on him that sent him in to a wall at 120km + but all reports still say he lost control, from the video that i have seen i find it hard to belive.

    Yesterday they started working on his facial fractures and brain damage was ruled out thank god for that.

    Dont think he will be back this year with reports Aprilia's Alex Debon (5th in Qtar) who was pencilled in for a series of wild cards this year may be Locatelli's replacement.
  20. awesome race