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[Motogp] Rossi and the Astronauts

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. From Julian Ryder over at Superbikeplanet.com

    I think Rossi is loving this year. He's winning against some of the fiercest and most competitive riders in all his career. Casey, love him or hate him is a hard racer, riding a bike no one else can and often to the podium or top step. Lorenzo is desperate to force his personality and presence onto the Motogp arena and become the #1 in the paddock. Pedrosa knows he has to perform or he will be usurped by Lorenzo. And none of them seem to have any real weak points, no chinks that can be easily exploited. Sete was great, but prone to emotions that didn't sit well for a potential champion. Biaggi was susceptible to the mental games and was highly reliant on a bike with great front end feel, which he didn't have.

    This is one of the best seasons in a long time and as long as they all stay fit (or as fit as they can), I see this year being marked down as a great year.

  2. LOL, wouldn't surprise me if he actually did say it that way.
  3. It is a good season, isn't it.
  4. I am loving it but I hope rossi dosn't brake them and run away with it
  5. Just consider yourself lucky that you get to see one of the best ever, in your lifetime
  6. Great racing this year. But I fear the one rider with the talent(or ego) to take the fight to Rossi is more concerned with how much he'll get paid, than getting on with the job at hand. :grin:
  7. its hard to see anyone stop him now,another one cracks under the pressure :eek:
  8. it's Rossi's Championship to lose.