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MotoGP - Rnd 6 - Mugello (ITA)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. OMG!!!

    What a race. For all you Foxtel deprived, your midnight show on Ch10 is one to remember. Put the tape in and enjoy!!!
  2. CARP!!! I forgot it was on...have turned it over and will have to watch the late version on normal tv.

    Bugger :?
  3. you forgot? And what with you being up all late and everything? Watch it on Ch10, you will be amazed. 23 laps of the fastest, closest and best racing you'll ever likely to see (a close 1st to last weekends SBK).

    Why would anyone watch F1? (assuming that you like passing)
  4. Fantastic racing. :beer:
  5. An amazing race :!: :!: :!:

    One of the best races I have ever watched.
  6. Yep great race and the 125's and 250's weren't bad either.
  7. Nice new Avatar you got there Kermit. Who's miss piggy?

    Yes, the 125's and 250's were pretty good too, except with the motogp season turning out like it has, for once they're almost in the shade.
  8. The Ducati colour scheme reminded me of the F1 750 of old. I imagine it would have sent the Italiane Ducatista wylde.
  9. 500's just finished on the late show...awesome racing with some terrific passes. Can't wait until September to see the action.

    250's about to start....
  10. I'm so happy I could cry
  11. It was on Ch10?? Damn it!!!!

    My program guide didn't show it at all.
  12. Channel 10, 12.00am

    Was a good race for sure.
    Glad to see the earth is back on thy axis and good ols racing has been restored to the way it should be ;-)
  13. Some great racing last night and FWIW, I like the Ducatis colours :grin:
  14. ah 500's, some people just can't let go of the past ;)
    What a race :biker: and what a finish
  15. Great racing last night...i only saw the last half of the motogp....but WOW..! Rossi is a freak! :)
  16. 3rd on the grid.. to second.. to first to fifth to win the race.. he is just a machine isnt he!! obviously putting the 2005 frame on the 2006 bike has obviously worked a treat in getting rid of his chatter problem.
    and how good was stoners crash?? i dont like him much, but glad to see him walking away cause it looked pretty nasty.

    also the get together for the race at the glenferrie was awesome.. anyone interested in makiing it a regular thing?
  17. watched it twice, foxtel then CH10 :D

    Stoner was doing so well too, what a shame
  18. Re: Motogp Mugello - Not a spoiler

    that's for whimps :p Fantastic race - nothing like sitting in a dark, quiet house at midnight with just the ambient light of an open fire to watch such great racing :grin: - except maybe for being in a room full of NetRiders whilst watching it on Foxtell :LOL:
  19. Wish i could have watched the replay on Foxtel today as i missed the 125's and 250's.

    Can we have 1 of the mods change the title on this thread to "spoilers". :grin: