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MotoGP - Possible future for 250's

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Sir Skuffy, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. #1 Sir Skuffy, Mar 23, 2009
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    Hey all.

    Found this interesting. Certainly supports the common idea of Moto GP 250cc going to MX based 450cc 4-stroke.

  2. Completely ridiculous from my point of view.
  3. its obvious what they should do. stick em all on 650cc single 2strokes with no power restrictions, no electronics, skinny tyres and 4 gears

    id watch that.

    and id like to see them going back to and running start like they still do in enduro. where the riders have to run to their bike, start (push start of corse..not that sissy electric stuff) and then proceed to cut some laps.

    id love to see those funny little men running in their gear to push start their bikes. would be like the mascott races on grand final day
  4. I wouldn't mind having a roland sands designed one, but there is no way they would waste their time running these on the international circuit.
  5. I think it's a quite rational and cost-effective idea that could be optimised quite easily.

    The current plan is to develop a 600cc prototype alongside an 800cc prototype.

    That's beyond ridiculous.
  6. Which part of 70+hp 4 stroke 450 single is cheap?

    Slower, higher rebuild and maintenance costs, heavier.
  7. Well it's all relative.

    An RS250 Aprilia costs upwards of 10,000,000 Euro to lease.
    An RC212 would be 5 times that at least.

    That's a shitload of YZ450 engines. :LOL:

    Having said that, I really don't want to see the 250 2-strokes dropped at all but the decision has already been made.
  8. And a YZ450 with race glass isn't exactly a GP bike....
  9. They are already running in a championship series in the states. Several people have made these bikes, including Roland Sands. Look him up on youtube. The bikes would be good at a club level only
  10. that would be so light and fast :shock:
    i want one :grin: that transformation is crazy
  11. Everything old is new again.

    It used to be called SuperMono.
    And it was actually a World Championship not so long ago.
  12. Always been a fan of 450 singles in race form. Would be nice manufacturers mass produced some.. Won't happen but nice idea :)
  13. I say "Phoar!".
    But running not so highly strung engines like Suzuki's DR400Z & set-up in street trim.
    Oh yeah, not for racing - road bikes that we can buy/ride. No point wasting stuff like this on racers only.
  14. +1 :p
  15. The supermono's are still kicking about. We had a bunch turn up for the Qld roadrace champs last year, bored out huskys, a ducati L-twin that had been pared down to a single, ktm's, all custom frames with trick (heh) shit scattered all over them. As it turned out, no quicker than a chookie, but they're less forgiving and don't crash well. They might have gone better at PI, but not with sub 200km/hr stuff.

    You get something like the Moriwaki's with a dedicated setup, goes good, looks great, but competitive with a sorted 125 2t?

    Keep the plastic shit off the motards, and if you're going to the trouble of new swingarm, shock, forks, triples, rearsets, clipons, race glass, tank, seat, subframe, exhaust, wheels..... you can afford pretty much anything else.

    Shoot me down, but i can't see the value in it.
  16. I agree with you. My race (and road) bikes always new or near new and I've the expectation that they'll kick over every single time I push the start button.

    But some guys seem to thrive on the mechanical tinkering and the uncertainty of whether the bike will work from one race to the next adds value to their race day. There are guys who seem to pull down and rebuild their bikes during every race day of every round of every year. It's adds a bit of colour to my day watching the sweating and swearing.

    Meh, it takes all kinds.