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MotoGP pics

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by raven, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. A few snaps from the MotoGP this week-end.
    Believe it or not..."heat haze" was a problem for me this year! :shock:





  2. ...and a few more...:)




  3. and one final shot..


  4. Great pics and heat haze didn't seem much an issue in those shots at least but I know what you mean.
    That shot of casey and that lean angle is insane!
  5. Nice shots there.

    The lean angles look even less plausible in photos!

    Thanks for sharing
  6. I think the heat haze actually adds to it all... Great shots dude.
  7. awesome stuff.

    great one of Rossi, Toseland and Lorenzo.
  8. Awesome Shots John !!
  9. ok noob question but can someone explain to me why in all the photos they always look as though they are looking directly at the ground, or 2 foot in front of them? :?
  10. I remember Rossi being asked that question. He said something like "I know where the corner and the track is going, I just need to make sure I'm hitting my apexes, so that's where I look."

    Scary motherf*ckers!
  11. ah yep +1 thats just farking scary :shock:
  12. The other possibility, that's where their head is not necessarily where there eyes are pointing. Body position dictates your head position a bit. I always look through, but fitted a camera to my helmet the other day and got nothing but ground through the corners.

    Anyway, whatever, those photos are really nice. Props!
  13. G'day Stewy...
    It might be a physical limitation to, I wonder?....I mean....when you are hanging off as much as these blokes do, it might not be possible to get the body low enough, to allow the head to tilt back far enough...so they are looking through the very top portion of their helmets?

    You know...body mechanics reaches it's limits due to their arses being above their heads perhaps?

    I forget his name :oops: ...he' s the other Kwak rider partnering Westie...He was actually lifting his elbow up out of the way so that it did'nt drag on the ground! I watched him head-on, adjust his arm position...any lower and it would've been his bloody chin scraping on the track :shock:

  14. +1 Loz, I remember Rossi saying exactly that. He DIDN'T go on and say 'don't try this at home', but he probably should have!!

    I was never impressed with my heads-up shots back in the 70s, but then again they weren't leaning over that far then; those shots are great. Who'd have thought that digital would get that good?
  15. Well done John, fantastic shots..........you'll have to buy a Circular Polarizer to take along next year to cut through the haze and i'll buy a new lens to keep up with the jones's :p

    As for Rossi looking mid corner, Loz is correct......... Rossi stated he looks mid corner to pick the apex as he already knows where the corner exits.
    Which makes sense since he has ridden through the same corners over and over.

    As for road riding its not advisable unless you know the corner well.
    Proper road craft dictates you look through the corner, because you will go to where your looking.

    Always look through the corner...........

  16. Yeah, yeah, racers smacers - Where are the pics of us gals, that's what I want to know!
  17. All the pics are coming up broken for me :(

    edit - now I can see them - WOW great shots mate - What rig you using?
  18. I'm using an outdated Canon 20D body and an outdated 80-200mm 2.8L lens,....... will probably have an image stabilization version of the same lens for the next Aus GP.
    So i can keep up with John's efforts :wink:
    The images will be sharper and more of them :grin:
    Pretty sure John uses a Canon body, newer version to mine, but not an L lens, so pretty good results in that respect.

    Cheers, ratty

  19. Ratty, you say they'll be sharper with the IS lens? I thought the glass was the same, just the IS was added?

    You use a multiplier? If so, what make and type? I am looking at the 1.4 to go with the 200 L2.8