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MotoGP PI test dates

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. I think it starts in a couple of weeks but does anyone know the exact dates?

  2. They were setting everything up yesterday(Monday 19th Jan).

    And how sweeeeeeeeeet that thing sounds! :grin:
  3. Hrm I was wondering what the rumblings were from my friend's house a good few kms away. It was a very still day there yesterday though.
  4. The testing ban finished yesterday (20/1).

    Kawasaki tested at Eastern Creek last week and were going to test at the Island starting yesterday but changed it to today to avoid any penalty for breaching the testing ban.

    Most teams are at Sepang early Feb, would expect them to come to the Island after this but do not have confirmation on this yet.

    Side Note - It was reported yesterday that Dorna MAY fine Kawasaki 20 Million Pounds for not being on the grid this year. They signed an agreement to have bikes on the grid till 2011. It does look like a privateer team will run the Kawa's this year though. Negotiations are still happening.
  5. Even if they just paid the fine it would be cheaper than the 50 million it would cost to run the team for a year.

    These test days are closed to the public (doesn't stop you watching from outside the track) BUT if you go to the Visitors Centre you can book a track tour and they walk you through Race Control & Pit Lane as a part of it while the testing is going on :wink: :-$
  6. February 5-7 Sepang Malaysia
    March 5-7 Losail Qatar Night Test
    March 28-29 Jerez Spain Official IRTA Test