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Motogp paid content

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nightgash, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Anyone going to buy a package from motogp.com?

    I was seriously considering it as it gives you access to all the practicing and qualifying and special interviews. I'm looking at the standard package for $59.99 Euros.

    I don't get Foxtel or Austar so I thought this would be good.
  2. sopcast ;)
  3. Had it last year and used it every race. I have Foxtel for the race itself, but as you say, you get qualifying etc also, so as long as you will use it to watch these sessions, get it I say!
  4. +1. it seems excessive having Foxtel AND Motogp, but I love me bike racing too much.
  5. Nothin' wrong with excessive, CJ :wink: :grin:
  6. I can't justify it, but if you gotta have it, then grab it. It's your money.
  7. I got the 59.99 Euro package. Has everything but the race in high res. My connection has enough trouble at normal res so its not worth my time.

    So for $99AUD over 18 races thats $5.50 per race, which is not bad.
  8. Last season, if I was home on a Saturday night, I'd watch the qualifying. Liz loved that :) More motorbike racing, how cool :p

    You get to use all the other stuff too, it's great with the interviews and other snippest.
  9. Giggedy :wink:
  10. I bought the same package you did last year, Gashy, and resolved I'd never bother again. Much more fun watching the races with friends, and the odd service glitch or download throttle can really be a pain in the arse.
  11. I'm having trouble streaming on my 512/128 connection. It needs to buffer continuously. :cry:
  12. you are still on dialup? :shock:


    1500min i have found :)
  13. www.racing-underground.com :)

    you get most of the qualifying and interviews not all but hey its free

    and you get WSBK & AMA as well

    plus the best class of all 125GP :bolt:
  14. Anyone know what time qualifying is?? They need to fix up the site ffs, the schedule is still showing the Qatar test.
  15. The site is correct.

    FP3 is 19:00 - 20:00 Qatar
    QP is 22:55 - 23:55 Qatar
    Race is 23:00 Qatar

    Qatar seems to be GMT + 3hrs (-8 from AEST)

    Foxtel have it live from 3:30am Monday morning, with the main race starting at 7am. I have to be at PI for a track day (tough eh?) so the IQ is already set to record!
  16. Ah! They have the correct schedule up now, this morning it was still showing the previous test results.

    Edit: Also, can you watch past races once you have bought a season package? I'm sure I saw that listed as part of what you get access to but I can't find it.
  17. Don't think so. I can only access the 08 video content.

    I'm just watching the whole of free practice two. I really need a bigger connection than 512/128 as it is not fast enough to keep pace. I'm upgrading next month to 1.5 connection though.
  18. I just finished watching QP2 via my lappy and a 40 inch Samsung TV. A bit pixelly but not too bad for the 400kbs streaming rate they pump out.
  19. cejay I'm having trouble picking up the live feed for the race. It just freezes my browser when I click on live video. Have you watched it live before or just the replays?