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MOTOGP on Foxtel in 2010

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mmamster, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know if Foxtel will cover MOTOGP this season. I fear that we may be hostage to One HD's crap commentary.](*,)

  2. I dont mind Beattie however I cant stand how "Rusty" calls all the riders by thier first name.. Here comes Valentino followed by Jorge, then Casey and Nicky !!!!!
  3. If it isn't, my motogp subscription gets an upgrade to HD and I'll watch it that way.
  4. Wonderful. Just peachy. I've just "invested" in a MystarHD hi def PVR with Austar pay television. Looks like I'll be subscribing to Fox Sports for a lo-res version of the World Supers and the odd match that it televises for my footy team...

    Now, we gotta put up with crappy ads. "While we were at the break, a dramatic development has occured on track with Rossi crashing into Stoner and taking both riders out."
  5. Wsbk is in HD. Eurosport started this last year according to Infront Motorsports. I CBF with Rusty so will up my Motogp subscription and watch it via the dvi out from the pc
  6. Heh, to be honest it's the WSBK commentators I can't stand. Well, one of them anyway. The pom with the high pitched voice to constantly predicts what is going to happen next and then gets it wrong.

    "If Biaggi is going to make his move he's going to have to do it on THIS NEXT CORNER........ not this time!"
  7. Seems to be a common trait of TV commentary "teams"....

    1 x muppet that effuses verbal diareoha
    1 x ex-rider that still requires vocabulary and grammatic enhancement technology.

    Still there is the option of turning the sound down and making up your own commentary.....wonder how that goes...:angel:....
  8. Had it confirmed from Foxsports that One HD have exclusive rights to Motogp, but World Superbikes will remain on pay.

    As for the commentators, at least on the World Superbikes Steve Martin is still current and seems to be quite good, a great antidote to Green who can get a bit overexcited.
  9. Mike, I do what you said. I turn off the sound. I don't need to be told about what I can see, anyway.