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[Motogp] No Friday Practice in 2010 - Ezpeleta

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. So, according to GPOne and Motogpmatters.com, Ezpeleta has decided that the Friday practice will go from 2010, all in the effort to reduce costs.

    Whilst the impact on the spectacle for those that attend on race day only will be minimal, for those racing tragics (like me) who do go on the Friday there will be a significant dilution of value.

    At the WSBK weekend in PI, the cost of the 3 day ticket was the same as Saturday and Sunday. Friday, in effect, cost me nothing. Motogp has been the same. So now it will instead be 2 days and the price will stay the same.

    And then the teams who need the practice and setup time won't get it. That means that teams who always do well, who have the easiest to set up bikes will continue to dominate. The teams who are striving to get there will continue to struggle.

    I know that engine life is a major influence, but why don't they address the reason and not the symptom?
  2. If they think there won't be any effect on attendance on Friday they will be wrong. I don't go Friday anyway (because I can't) but if I was free to go, I now wouldn't anyway. Cheaper weekend all round.
    In a sense it makes me feel like I am missing less...