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MotoGP next weekend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by markninja250, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Heading down next weekend, this is my first time attending MotoGP

    Anyone been before? any tips?

    Alcohol is supposed to be pretty expensive so planning on taking some with me, are you allowed to take alcohol in or do you have to buy it in there?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. i am so pinging for the GP!!! bring it on! sorry no tips, this is my first as well, riding down will be fun!
  3. 1. have fun in the traffic on sunday after the race..
  4. Is it really that bad? I'm thinking about riding down on the Sunday but might make other plans if it's going to be shit fight getting home
  5. what are the police like? I have heard they use it as a good opportunity to pull over all the bikes and get them for defects???
  6. Id assume like most major events it is not BYO. You can always sneak it in though.
  7. How much do you plan to drink if you're riding back out on Sunday?

    You can't take any in. Prices are event-like, but tolerable if you're only having a few and it's a bit of an occasion for you.
  8. leaving Monday morning for Sydney so traffic will not be an issue.....
  9. well its pretty busy. they have the 'blue line' in operation which really just is an extra lane on the roads to get out off the island. you just gotta take it easy on the way out until the traffic thins out a bit. saw a harley go into the side of a commodore in the traffic, because the rider was in a rush.

    cops will be around and will pull you over obviously. i havent been pulled over at the island but they will be there handing out yellow stickers.
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  10. me and 3 others are heading off this wednesday, will be my second time. the traffic last year was hell for cars but we had no problems on bikes, there was two lanes set up at the exit and riding up the bike lane was tolerated by the police directing the traffic. We didnt have a problem with police last year at all, just dont act like a fool in front of them.
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  11. That sounds alright then, going to be a decent ride home from the island to geelong though
  12. Yeah we left straight after the gp race on Sunday last year and had no probs getting out on the bikes.

    Leaving Sydney Wed PM also.

    Can't wait!!!!
  13. just to put a dampener on things (excuse the pun) the forecast is temps in the low 20's with rain. Sounds about right for the Island..

    As somebody mentioned earlier if you do the right thing you will probably get away with a licence, roadworthy & DUI check, do the wrong thing and get caught and you can watch your points evaporate.

    p.s. The ride back is a shit load of fun, it's part and parcel of the GP, sorry but going to the GP in a car would be like wearing flannel pj's on our wedding night. you may still get to go the distance but fuck it would be boring.
  14. I'm seeing forecast of part cloud and showers, with temps as you mention. That is so much better than last year it's not even funny!

    That is a GOOD forecast!

    Graham ;)
  15. i was hoping for 25-25 degs and sunny from thursday on :( hahah what but melb crap weather huh. i heard it was really bad last year. i just want dry roads and a great time!
  16. and stoner to win, and seal the championship if he can, is that possible now with the motegi issue of coming 3rd?
  17. if he wins he still wont seal the championship. But that being said if he wins and doesn't race the next 2 races and Lorenzo gets first for both Lorenzo will win by 5 points. So Stoner needs to keep his bike upright and he will take it out hopefully
  18. I think if stoner wins and lorenzo is outside the top 5 he wins the championship. so not likely really.
  19. Stoner needs a extra 10 points over lorenzo. So if Stoner wins, Lorenzo must take 3rd to still be in the championship.

    And for those that haven't ridden back from the GP with everyone else, then just do it.. The sounds and smells around you are unbelieveable. It's an experiance that everyone on a bike should do. Just take it easy, keep your wits about you and you'll be fine.
  20. I'll be hanging back at the track, maybe toke a J and have a few cans watching the bikes all leave the track, then pack up and go Monday morning.

    Staying sober during the Raceday just to drive home at the end of the day is like going to your wedding night just to fart and go to sleep just as she takes her flanno PJ's off!