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MotoGP Mugello (From VtrElmarco)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Scumbag, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Nestled in a valley in the Tuscan hills midway between Bologna and Florence is Italy’s coliseum of speed Mugello. Its 5245 metres of Ferrari developed majesty will play host to the 2007 Gran Premio D’Italia Alice. Mugello has a mix of elevation changes, fast changes of direction, slow hairpins and terrifyingly fast corners and will be considered home for weekend for a million drunken, testosterone and pasta fueled Italian fans. If anything Italian wins, draws or even loses, there will be rioting and looting with joyous Italian fervor.

    This leads me to the main topic of surprise for season 2007. Ducati’s blistering speed coupled with Bridgestone’s excellent rubber should suit Mugello’s other crowning glory, its 1140 metre long straight were the Ducati’s will blast past all others while ringing a bicycle bell in warning. Despite high siding out of this race last year, Casey Stoner has bonded well with the bright red machine, and immediately fell for the Bridgestone hoops much the same way I would fall for an Italian girl in a mini skirt riding a Vespa along a Florence street. He has well and truly shown up Loris Capirossi who has been the polar opposite surprise disappointment of the season. If the team nails setup and tire selection, Ducati will be the ones to beat, but I hope Loris finds some speed for his home GP. The crowd will go nuts…

    With Rossi fast becoming an accidental Bridgestone spokesman, I am betting Yamaha is researching tire brands next year. Vale is the absolute master at Mugello where due to the abundance of fast off-camber corners, rider skill and daring is often rewarded with fast times and multiple podiums. The only section of track that will hurt the Yamaha will be the long straight, but that will hurt all other teams except for Ducati. I was absolutely stumped as to what went wrong with Colin Edwards at Le Mans. A blistering pole lap put him up the front, and after leaving the bike in neutral for the start, he had to pit four times to adjust his skirt. He needs a good result fast to secure a ride for next season as he is popular with Rossi and Michelin but good qualifying needs good race results.

    And onto Suzuki which I am quickly becoming a fan of the Smurf Blue bikes and am even toying with the idea of buying a GSX-R (Whoa lets not get carried away!!). Chris Vermeulen broke through for Suzuki’s first GP win in eons with one of the best rides I have ever seen and if any muppet asks you why GP riders are paid so much, just club said person to death with a tape of the 2007 Le Mans GP. Argument over. John Hopkins is also staying healthy and fast, but I expect him to deliberately break his own hand and a foot with a hammer and go even faster. A handful more horsepower and the pneumatic valve Suzuki could be challenging for wins.

    Sigh, now we have to deal with the problem child Honda. With an average, consistent set of performances from Danni P. and badly consistent set of performances from Nicky Hayden, Honda look like a trouble ship at sea with no rudder. That’s the last ship analogy I use I promise. Honda have almost resigned themselves to the fact Nicky won’t be repeating the championship, but some signs of promise are coming from the Bridgestone shod customer teams with Marco Melandri starting to show a good turn of speed. No one wants to grid up in front of Tony Elias, Checa has done what he does well, crashed, while Nakano has just been plain slow.

    Kawasaki is still struggling with both rider injury and performance but don’t seem to be down too much on outright speed. Child slavery litigators are now after King Kenny Roberts as he forces another one of his abused children to ride the Team Roberts KR212V pile of junk at gun point. It’s apparently a move to get more data from the bike and its problems, but I can see the second chief engineer running over to the King, laptop in hand and claiming, no it’s still rubbish.

    As the circus gets set to smash a quiet scenic Tuscan valley apart with some 800 cc fueled fury I urge you all to watch one of the best GP’s of the season. I know I’ll be watching while kicking back with a Nastro Azzurro or three.

  2. Ahhhhhhhh........that's better (grabs cigarette).

    VtrElmarco, you have outdone yourself once again. :grin:
  3. Thanks for posting that Mr Scumbag.

    Do I get a spare brownie on the weekend now? [-o<

    I was locked out for a while. Some keyboards don't like passwords punched in with fists of fury.

    I will probably give Catalunya a miss, as I have a few things on next week that require some focus, but I promise I will do Donnington at the end of June. So if someone wants a shot at Netrider glory (or a free coffee) feel free to post your own work on the Catalan GP.

  4. extra brownies will be provided :grin:
  5. So it wasn't Casey, it is the LCR bike.

    How funny if he gets on the podium or something silly like that! :LOL: "ooh sorry Kenny, nothing wrong with the bike, it must be you!" :LOL:
  6. Ok, all is well with the world again, I can watch a GP without feeling uninformed and stupid, thanks Marco, but don't you EVER miss one again. Still, at least I can now return what's left of that cocaine........
  7. Whoa, don't get carried away Inci. You'll need the rest of that for stimulus when the 2007 season finishes.
  8. Well Done Mark!! :grin: :grin:
    What? A break from your write ups?
    How dare you have a life outside netrider! :LOL: :LOL:
    Kudos for another classic write up.....I wil be watching!

    :grin: :grin: :cool:
  9. Hey Mark ,leave the boat analogy's to your brother!

    Already after FP1 we have 5 bridgestone's and only 4 michelins in the top ten, (one dunlop, hmmmm...... that must be a typo.) Although a bit early to tell and run in cool weather , which should favor michelin as tradition shows, bridgstone looks to be on point for the weekend.

    Get on Board!
  10. FP2, and it's pissing down in Italy!
  11. Just updated my subscription to watch the practice sessions, totally amazing watching the screen with no commentary. Seeing Elias hitting puddles down the straight and aquaplaning. These men are mad. And legends.

    Rossi came in and Jerry and he were laughing, I think at the conditions.
  12. Well, they are all officially mad!

    Rossi came off in the last lap of the FP, with Stoner 1st and Hopper 2nd. They all were quickest on their last lap.

  13. Hopkins to win.

    Putting $20 on a Hopkins/Vermeulan quinella.
  14. And it's pissing down again!

    Chris must be wrapped! :grin:
  15. That may well depend on the weather - but bound to be an excellent race whatever the conditions ....... am looking forward seeing the nail-biting action tomorrow evening :wink:
  16. MotoGP Preview Round 6: Mugello

    Original Source

    MotoGP Preview
    Round 6: Mugello


    It's gonna be great. The oily-bastard crowd are gonna grease down the Tuscany hillside to Mugello to witness a classic three-way battle for the MotoGP victory. During the race it'll be impossible to pick a winner as the maturity of Capirossi takes on the passion of Melandri with the all-round brilliance of Rossi thrown into the mix.
    Eventually, after a lot of olive oil has been sweated out, there will be a winner but the crowd won't care as all three brilliant Italians will populate the podium like a Ragu festival. The celebratory track invasion will follow.
    After the race the men will call off 'home' to their mother's house for a hearty meal of Italian sausage, ripe tomatoes and basil. Elsewhere their wives/fiancés will sit and weep wondering why their man is so besotted with his mother and why magazines with naked men keep turning up.
    Yup, it's gonna be great.

    Or is it? The once rich and sweet vine tomatoes of Italian GP success are souring faster than an Italian women in her forties. Will we have no Italians on the podium this year? Let's find out:-

    Valentino Rossi
    At one time it was a safer bet to say Rossi would win than Edwards wouldn't…almost. But not now. Like it or not it looks like the Italian's going stale and failing to keep pace with the new up and coming breed of riders.
    Is this the beginning of the end of the Rossi years? It's hard to say but one thing for certain is that his fat mate needs a good beating - with sticks.

    Loris Capirossi
    Lionheart Loris rides from the heart with a terrier-like determination and with every last ounce of passion…it's just a shame he's a bit rubbish now. Less passion, more speed Loris.
    Last season was Loris' big chance, but his chance, by chance, was ruined into the first corner at Cataluyna. In a season that allowed Nicky Hayden to win the championship anything was possible…except an Ellison success story.
    These days it looks like Loris is on his way down and out…and down and out of his beloved Ducati team with a move to the Kawasaki retirement home in 2008.

    Marco Melandri
    Melandri wanted to be the new Rossi, but instead has turned into the new Biaggi. He left Yamaha a few years back because he wasn't getting preferential treatment with the Jap team instead pooling their resources on the then newboy Rossi. How unfair! Melandri overlooked the fact that he, Checa and Abe were useless and Rossi was the only rider anywhere near the front.
    Next he moved to Honda, and then took an epic beef with Michelin claiming he wasn't getting the best tyres as the Froggie firm pooled their recourses on riders who were winning. How unfair!
    Now he's in a beef with Honda claiming his bike's not as fast as Hayden's or Pedrosa's…the fact that his simpleton team-mate Elias on a Grade-Z Honda Cub kept beating him was nothing to do with matters.

    So if the Italian riders look weaker than their army, who'll step up?

    Fast, young and Australian. Two out of three - a good score. The fleeing convict has matured like the aforementioned Italian woman in her forties and, amazingly, is a title favourite. The fast track will suit his Interpastalistic missile but what will the greasy crowd think of an Italian bike winning with a non-Italian rider? We'll probably find out - hopefully there'll be tears and, no-doubt, hugs from mother.

    Vermin won in the wet and Hoppers is fast in the dry. New parts are coming in all the time as Comical Denning's secret army infiltrate Ducati's HQ meaning the already strong Suzi gets better and better. Horrah!

    Same as Suzuki only a lot greener and garlic smelling.

    Will he have something to smile about this weekend? His weight, which is comparable to an ant with a thyroid problem, should allow him a superb top speed advantage down the long straights. But on a circuit that seeps neat passion it's hard to believe the least passionate person in the known universe could win. Still if he does lots of Italians might sulk.

    Hang on! That cocky sack of shite isn't in MotoGP yet is he? No, but he soon will be…and where's the Italian future?

    It's gonna be great…in Spain.
  17. Stoner gets pole and Vermeulan second well done aussies!
  18. Dude!!

    Everyone, welcome aboard my brother Gleno.

    Yes I will leaving all boating knowledge to you mate, now go pi$$ in your wetsuit!! :LOL:
  19. Oi - hello - see ya at the GP :grin:

    Looking forward to some cheeky banter between you two bro's on the forum in the meantime... :grin:
  20. :grin: :grin:
    Hey Glen!
    Welcome, Oh fellow survivior of the Glistening lips house....GP 2006.. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: