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MotoGP LIVE on Ten

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, May 3, 2008.

  1. Yep, MotoGP from China is on Ten HD at 4:30pm Sunday LIVE for all those without Foxtel.

  2. Thanks mate !
    Sunday is gonna be a blast !
    A day on the spur, then home to watch the GP :dance:

    pity it'll be a dry arguement .. thx Mr. Ruddy Irriot :evil:
  3. Or on Monday morning at 12:05am, for those of us still watching SD FTA programs.

    I love my PVR! I like my sleep too much to be watching at that time of the night.
  4. Remember, this only applies to be who receive Network Ten i.e pretty much Metro only.
  5. you are old, and soft!
    :p :p
  6. Yep. But I like it that way. :grin:

    Although I've got a group ride starting tomorrow at 8:30am, which means leaving home at 7:30am. Barely light at that time, and COLD. :shock: :LOL:
  7. I rather the commentators on Foxtel anyway :cool:

    Good to see Ten realise the importance of the MotoGP coverage though.
  8. And no ads to interrupt the action on Foxtel either.

    Foxtel, one of my few indulgences. :p :roll:
  9. Its only on HD 10
  10. But, for reasons I don't understand, you geta bigger picture on Ten HD than Foxtel? I had the picture in picture with both showing the MotoGP at the start of the race, and the HD pic was way wider, i.e. I could see more of the track.

    Anyone know why foxtel doesn't show the full pic?
  11. Because Fox isn't HD...
  12. YET
  13. Foxtel digital has widescreen video too, you might have to check the settings on your receiver.
  14. press the blue button triway!
  15. Doesn't look like Le Mans will be on ten hd at this stage. Only has the 20/20 on at that time.
  16. Ten has had every race this year (and last year), although there are usually on near or just after midnight. They are pretty good with adds as well - hardly any. Probably due to the late broadcast.