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MotoGP - Kawasaki 2006 new colours

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by CamKawa, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. The old racing dictum used to be "If it looks good it will go fast".

    You decide, I guess...
  2. I don't mind it. Looks like a nasty little bugger!
  3. Yeah i think it looks like a nasty stealth fighter!
  4. Screw the looks, look at the development:
    Revised rear swing arm - arse end is higher up
    More agressive "forward" position with agressive rake / trail
    The bike is significantly narrower than last years model - always good
    Look at the position of the rear sets and gear shifter
    Larger radiator
    New subframe and main frame
    Larger air-intake

    By the looks of things, Kawi has done their home work
  5. I think the air intake at the front is large enough to ingest small animals.
  6. DAMN, good point..... Remember back in the 90's when the seagulls would attack the riders....... :eek: :eek:
  7. Was Colin Edwards one back when he was riding Super Bikes? Nearly got knocked out?
  8. While doing some research on Edwards I came across this

    Valentino Rossi got into a flutter on the second day of tests at Phillip Island on Friday, although it had nothing to do with the record pace being set by Honda rival Sete Gibernau.

    The reigning World Champion hit a seagull on his way out of pit-lane and was forced to return for the feathers to be plucked out of his Yamaha before returning to the track and completing another day of positive progress with the 2005 version YZR-M1.

    “I hit a bird as I was exiting the pit lane today and it went into my airbox; it fell out half way round the track and when I returned to the pit garage there were just some feathers left!” explained Rossi. “I’d just like to say that I’m very sorry for the bird!
  9. yea it does look skinnier/scranier if those are words but from what people hopefully will go faster
  10. as long as it goes better them last year i dont care how it looks