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MotoGP Island Photo's

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by koma, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Just thought i'd post up a couple of photo's from my Philip Island adventure yesterday. Didn't really go looking for Netriders but did bump into Minna who appeared to be having a great time... or atleast i think thats what she said! :shock: :D

    Spent most of my time sitting on the bank of the last 2 corners before the main straight. Had an absolutely awesome time, as it was my first real adventure down to the island for a race meet. That Yamaha M1 sounds unfrknblvbl... and the Ducati sounds pretty horn aswell.

    Anyway, photos...
    Koma's MotoGP Photo's... or atleast a very very select few.

    I ended up taking about 240 or so shots, and narrowed down the ones i like to these few. :D
    If anyone has a professional photographer friend would wants a hand (or another photog) for another one of these meets... puhleeeeez gimme their name & number. I had such an awesome time, i gotta do it again.
  2. Well done koma. Some awesome pics there. The EXIF data does not state the ISO setting, what was it?

    Oh if you want any of those pics on a coffee mug, let me know ;);)
  3. Koma, some really good shots there, and pleased to see you go for a slower shutter speed and pan the side-on shots. The bike is crystal-clear but the wheels are moving and it really conveys the sense of speed. Well done!
  4. All were shot at ISO200.
    It was a trade-off between low enough shutter speeds to get a bit of motion blur, and actually managing to get a crisp shot whilst panning on something moving at insane speeds.

    Not too sure about the mug - but i'm planning on getting a few of them printed.
  5. yeah, that's why most people succumb to the temptation to up the shutter speed, but they end up with very 'static' shots.
    We used to shoot Macphilemy Park at Bathurst late in the day at around 125th second on 200ASA film! The GP bikes were doing around 130MPH past there, and it was so dark they could have appealed against the light, but the photos looked fabulous. Once again, well done!
  6. nice pics mate
  7. good stuff
  8. I took over 700 pictures at the GP and you took more with bikes in it than me! Nice pics there
  9. Yeah, i know... i know... there's more at the GP than just bikes on a track. :p
    But i was really keen to see if i could get some good action shots. I'm sure there'll be lots of photo's of the zoo (camping ground) as hangovers subside.
  10. eh?

    Whilst not the sharpest tack in the box, this shot was taken with the following extracted from the EXIF Data;


    Exposure time: 0.250 s (1/4)
    Aperture: f/32.0
    ISO equiv.: 800

    Actually, take a look at this shot, this was also at ISO800

    Exposure time: 0.077 s (1/13)
    Aperture: f/5.0
    ISO equiv.: 800

    And this one, not that there is any movement in it, I just like the shot :D
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  13. Cool pics


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  16. GREAT PHOTOS, you should contact Stoner's people and see if you can sell them....
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  18. Did anyone else find heat shimmer a pain in the arse at Lukey Heights?
    Thats a great corner for shots both top and from behind.
    Looked at some of my shots and heat shimmer seemed to affect the front on shots.