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MotoGP imitators - a question for you

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. on any given sunday, especially if there is a square inch of blue sky visable...they all come out. from where i live, i can hear them from around 7.00am.

    the cruisers, the learners, the couples, the group rides, the classic bike guys and the moto GP imitators, the knee scrappers.

    the MOTOGP guys, the ones that hang right over the side of the mbike just like they do in MOTOGP, going round corners, have you ever been fined or warned for doing that? how do you explain to a cop why you are hanging over the side like that?

  2. I tell them last time I rode through there I dropped 50c on the road, and I've come back looking for it :LOL:
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  3. One would hope it's not against the law to use the distribution of your body weight to reduce lean angle and improve control over your motorcycle.

    But then again, lane spliting's illegal.

    PS I think calling them "MotoGP imitators" is a bit harsh. Let's just call them "those that can ride fast"
  4. Those who hang off the side of a bike and those able to ride fast are entirely separate sets which, if represented by a Venn diagram, would overlap by only a limited proportion of their areas.
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  5. :popcorn:
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  6. im not meant ot be sarcastic or anything. i just see what they do on TV in those races, and when i see it on the road, its the same action and style. thats how i describe it. maybe knee scrapers is better term.

    not intended to offend anyone who can do the real deal like that.
  7. Why would they ask? As long as the rider isn't exceeding the speed limit, it isn't illegal to hang off your bike, particularly if it improves cornering ability. It's the way sports bikes are supposed to be ridden.

    Not everyone wants to ride a cruiser or an upright naked.

    ETA: But Pat has a point.
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  8. or, on the basis of seeing many photographs from the Macquarie Pass, and the Old Pacific Highway, "Riders who think they're going fast, but when you see them from the side of the road, they're not" :LOL:
  9. I hang off my 250 when spirited riding...which is rare admittedly, but I sometimes hang off a little when taking a normal side street turn. I want this to become second nature, especially when hitting the race tracks again. I haven't been caught doing it, but I doubt the police officer can pull you over for doing so (assuming doing speed limits here). There is nothing illegal about it unless you move 100% of your arse off the seat as far as I know.
  10. If you do it properly and aren't just hanging your knee out without any idea of how to have proper body positioning, the lean angles for a given speed for a given corner will be less, resulting in safer riding and a higher balance in the 'oh-shit' bank. Need to be careful of what's coming the other way though - don't want to headbutt anything...

    I'd say most (~80%+) don't do it properly and do it purely for the looks they think it gives... to the people that actually know what to do, they just look crossed up and all over the place and don't have proper control that leaning and using your body instead of your arms can give. Here's a perfect example me and Unconnected snapped last year:
    Check out the dork in front...
  11. well i appreciate the skill involved in doing that stuff. just becasue i am plodding along in a cruiser doesnt mean i dont enjoy watching that stuff on the road.

    i remember cutting my teeth in adelaide hills 2 years ago as a learner. i had a stream of cagers behind me on a wet road and i was 100% concentration to not fall over. a guy rolled up out of the blue on a hot bike, gave me the thumbs up, and took off around a corner with his azz off the bike. this was in the WET. that vision is burned into my memory forever.
  12. I have to say when i started doing it, i looked into it first and started doing it properly. Instantly, once i realised the physics behind it, i felt more secure and comfortable and did it on nearly every corner ever. It's a great feeling taking a corner real fast and looking at your bike and seeing it pretty much upright!

    Then there was that time at the track where i really overcooked it and really overcommitted and then went for a good long slide along eastern creek...

    But yes. If done properly it is awesome and is terrifically awesome.

    BTW, if you're supposed ot have your ass in the seat the whole time on the road, what about when i stand up to take speed bumps or when entering driveways? Does that mean that i am a criminal for not wanting to destroy my back/?
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  13. I used to do it when commuting on a scooter....

    Same reason I smoke, I think it looks cool.
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  14. Of the people who can, I would suspect their circle to almost be wholly within those who do.
  15. There are a lot who do it wrong. Twisting around the tank and not using the upper body. But when done properly it gives real, tangible benfits. I would be scraping parts of my bike everywhere if I didnt hang off.
  16. I only know the basics as related to me by a friend and mentor, and I practise during things like the Putty run, so I'm sure I look fairly stupid a lot of the time - that outside knee in the above pic has me a bit worried, as it happens...
    Oh, the question? I've never heard of anyone getting pulled for it, and I suspect it would be a fairly easy beat in court - I assume you'd have to show you were in good control, which should be easy...
  17. Personally, if I have to get far enough off the bike that my knee scrapes the ground when I'm riding on the road, I think maybe, just maybe I going too fast for the road.

    However to answer the OP's question, it isn't again the law. In fact I was taught to 'get my arse of the seat' on a road riding course. I did it all the time on my old 600, but for some reason I can't/don't do it on the Bandit.
  18. Wet roads is the best and most important time to get your ass off the seat........less lean equal more tyre on the road. The more sporty tyres doesnt have grove channels or whatever you call em on the outer shoulders............you dont want to be riding there. Youd want your bike as upright as possible on the wet, and the best way for that is to hang off the bike.

    He might have given you a thumbs up to see if you were ok, since you seemed like you were holding up traffic............just ride your own ride.
  19. The road rules are quite plain on the matter. At last one hand, two feet contacting, and in a seated position. you would not really need to sow good control unless they charged you with dangerous/reckless driving which then they would have to prove.
  20. There's no fine and there's no warning in Australia. In the UK you can be busted for hooning if caught dragging a knee.

    However, the guys hanging off attract the most attention from the po-po cos of the associations you've made above. Riders who dress their bikes up as GP bikes and hang off them make good cop fodder, so they're to be encouraged ;)
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