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MotoGP Group buy 3day G.A tickets

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. [EDIT] Seeing how there was no interest in the group buy and tickets are selling fast, I've just purchased tickets for Jadey & I.
    If anyone else is thinking of doing a group buy I wouldn't leave it too late![/EDIT]

    Hi guys,

    I'm willing to group buy 3day general admission tickets for the P.I MotoGP.

    tickets are $150 if you purchase individually, but with the group buy you get the 11th FREE when you purchase 10, so they become $136 each.

    Jade & I are definitely getting one each, so if I can find another 9 that are interested I'll organise the group buy so everyone can save some $$$.

  2. Already ordered mine unfortunately.

    Of those who have also already ordered, have you received tickets yet? I'm not sure when they would be sending them out..
  3. azz - if i was in oz i'd go with you mate! hope all is well!

  4. Hey Tob's, yeah all's good, why don't you come back to Oz for the P.I GP party ;)
  5. Seriously thinking about it!! :D

    Have you set a leaving date for the bike trip yet?
  6. A mate & I have already ordered ours also as we're also camping down there. We've been told they won't send them out until around mid September. Something about they don't want us to lose them if they send them earlier

  7. I'll be buying a package with accommodation I think, otherwise I'd be all over this.
  8. :beer: Let me know if you can make it and will save some cold ones for ya! :beer:

    Haven't set the date yet, but hoping it will be sooner rather than later :D
  9. Bought a camping ticket and Grandstand ticket today - booked the leave from work - 4 days of relax!.

    the grandstand seats are quite reasonable over GA - have always found it worthwhile unless it is extortion.

    4 day weekend for under $400! bring it on!/