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MOTOGP Grid Girls

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by shakenbake, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. :-s

    something must be wrong cus they do nothing for me.

    interesting how they are all white and predominately blond...
  2. Yeah your right id prefer them all tanned more and Blonde!!!!
  3. id tap all of them, u guys are to fussy
  4. they all look so bland
  5. They all still look hot, but not as hot as I thought they would be for grid girls.
  6. Siba FTW!
    Brunettes and dimples. Enough said.
    It also helps that she vaguely looks like Miranda Kerr-Bloom
  7. I have to say boys I worked in the kitchens down there and most of the girls were good from far but far from good up close. they all looked about 14 not good.
  8. F1 to that!

    Did you go for a walk through the expo? Wasn't any better either!
  9. RDP's grid girl, Lauren Vickers (from Oz no less)

  10. They all need bigger (.Y.)

  11. dude she aint got no hips, looks like a straight two-by-four with silicone stuck to the front...[-X
  12. Your favourite IVECO Grid Girl, Melissa, now has 21.12% of the vote!

    So far, 2893 people have voted.
  13. good for you goz!

    not many men would step up and tap a cross-eyed alien (Jessie) or a chup-a-chup (Taryn) or even a trannie (Kelsey)...
  14. ...got to say I like a nice fat arse too, the kind that makes a FAAAAAARRRRRP noise when a lady brakes wind unlike skinny arses that just go FFFFFFFFFFF.

  15. B[​IMG]
  16. Yeah, Lauren Vickers.


    She rides, and there is video of her holding De Puniet's hand when he was in the medical center after breaking his leg. Pretty cool.=D>
  17. that's because lauren is randy's girlfriend
  18. I'm on fire tonight sheeez! I saw Sarah go out but didn't see who she lined up with. She said randy but she may have got people mixed up
  19. Personally, I thought the Spokes girls at the GP looked fantastic in their full-body white leathers and boots.

    But then again, I guess I wouldn't quite understand the driving principles of this thread ;)