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MotoGP Gran Premio De Espana Jerez

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nightgash, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. 7 days to go I am really looking forward to it.

    What are your predictions?

    Will this be the first race Stoner crashes out and DNF under the pressure?

  2. stoner, pedrossa, lorenzo.
  3. danny, jorge, casey, rossi, dovi....
    only cause the spanish in spain will go nuts, they always do.
    no way casey will drop it. he's to mature, he'll let the spanish kids do their crazy thang and ride for a good bag of points. the season goes for 9 months, not 2 weeks.
  4. stoner will win, but not by as big a margin as usual.
    In fact I think it will be a VERY tight race.
    Lorenzo will be second, and Rossi might get a podium this time I think.

    at least that's my guess :)
  5. i'd like to see it, to get the doctor back up there looking the goods. but i dont think he has the bike or attitude to do it...yet.
  6. The young blokes have the hunger. That much is obvious. It's great that the season has started. Bring it on
  7. Lorenzo will win by 2.6 secondes, in a race of mishaps and confusion.

  8. Did you learn crystal ball reading at school?
  9. yep.............lornzo will be at least 2.6 seconds behind vale.
  10. How about a side bet?
  11. Stoner to not finish. I shouldn't jinxing him :cry:
  12. Err.... No takers yet, VC
  13. Here we go! Free practice on in less than an hour!
  14. I've tipped Rossi, Stoner doesn't have a history of success at this track. And, of course, I'm a one-eyed Rossi seat-sniffer.
  15. Thanx for the link, Gash. First 3 are close, aren't they. FP2 is on, as I type this.
  16. Wow how many riders went down in FP2! When I saw the speed Stoner low sided I thought he was gone. He got straight up and went straight back and got on his spare bike! My favorite part, because I was getting the Dorna live feed there was no commentary, the Ducati boss was telling Casey to take a rest because of the accident. You could tell Casey was agitated and said the tires were spinning badly on the sides.

    Toseland, Guintoli, Stoner, Hopkins, Nakano all went down.

    Finished watching FP2 now straight into 250cc QF1!

    Free Practice 2 Results


    Poor Ant West all the way at the back. :cry:
  17. Thanx again gash. 7 of them in the 40's now
  18. Its amazing that the 250cc are doing high 1m 43s times! Not far off Motogp times at all.