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MotoGP FP2

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Well, at a circuit that doesn't favour the Ducati, Casey recorded the fastest practice time.

    The little Spaniard was nowhere all session but pulled out a pretty amazing time in the last minutes. Rossi came in 2nd, with Guintolli 4th. Yeah, his team looked pretty stunned too.

    Course, counts for nothing as QP1 isn't until tomorrow, but the Ducati still reigns supreme.

    Oh, Hayden's bike went POP!! at the end of the straight on the last lap of the session. 17th.
  2. Are you saying that Stoner isn't just ballast on a bike that runs on autopilot? Shock...horror!!!
  3. Don't think I ever noticed CJ dissing Stoner anywhere.
  4. Wasn't supposed to be personal just a broad comment aimed at those that seem to consistently prolaim It's only because the bike has the straight line speed advantage.....yada.. yada
  5. I think those critics have quitened down since Stoner had a bad start at Donington and came up from 12th to win at a track that didn't have a particularly long straight that favoured the Ducati. He well and truly outrode them.
  6. Checa was having a good run on the second string Honda, which makes me think that Repsol and Yamaha were not showing their full potential.

    Ant West continues to improve which is great, I want him to stay in MotoGP in 08!
  7. Stoner is just awesome, isnt this meant to be one of the tracks where Ducati was going to stuggle... ?

    And whats the deal with Capirossi, why are Kawasaki interested in him with these performances... ?
  8. Wow, 0.009secs between 1st and 3rd qualifiers!

    Da poo net had another stack.

    West is in 12th, ahead of Hayden, Checa & Edwards.

    Not sure why the KR team continue to race?
  9. And what a stack. :shock:
    Looked like it was going to be a good lap too. I feel sorry for him, that lap basically sums him up perfectly, so much potential but he ends up crashing out.
  10. When kwaka get the riders next season some people might be surprised :p
  11. What? That a pigs ear is still a pigs ear? Hopper isn't exactly known for his development skills. Capirossi has failed to deliver on a bike that doesn't suit his style. Doesn't exactly bode well. They need a great engineer and rider.
  12. So is it him or the bike? Everyone said Stoner was a crasher last year and he has been a different person this season on a different bike. I notice the LCR Honda crashed again also!
  13. Stoner looks invincible this round... Pedrosa did not look or sound confident when asked if he could win the race, in the post qual press conference - blaming the tyres.

    Looks like Bridgestone have got it right again this round.
  14. I'd say it's him. Didn't he crash quite a bit last season too?
    Maybe this round he will get a good result since he already got his crash out of the way in QP instead of the race. :LOL:
  15. i dont really care if he crashes out or not, although i guess it would be nice to see him get some results.. i just hope that if he crashes, he doesnt take anyone else out with him.