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MotoGP- Food

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. So what do people normally do for food at the track?

    not keen and handing over vast sums of the hard earned for "food van" type food so was thinking of bringing stuff with us.

    So what works well, muesli bars, fruit, trail mix type things?

    Never been to a rece before so this is all kinda new and exciting :grin:
  2. Normally I do the food van thing, try and avoid the normal times the lines are a real bugger. It's easy to spend an hour waiting for rubbish food.
  3. Hey Drew. Perhaps get one of those cooler bags and pack some salad rolls in it, along with a couple of drinks and muesli bar type stuff. :) Just make it here before you go. Easy. :grin:
  4. If you’re camping for the weekend bring fruit, lots of fruit. By Sunday night last year I felt like I was getting scurvy. This year we’re taking oranges…
  5. fruit??? A beer diet for 5 days is on order for campers.
    my liver takes about a month to recover :oops:
  6. Sorry Flip Can't do 5 Days.

    Arriving Friday sometime and home on Monday...work 'n' Stuff you see :evil:

    PLus i'm not a real "beer" drinker....... Single Malt Whiskey though and i have serious addiction issues. :p
  7. good luck finding a nice single malt at trackside... but if you find some or bring it in i'd be more than happy to help you drink it
  8. Don't forget if you're camping, that Cowes supermarkets/cafes/ restaurants/bottleshops can supply you and they're only a 5-10min ride from the track.

    Only you have to go fetch in the morning else you might
    not be sober :grin: and yes there will be booze bus I'm sure.

    If you're only going for the day, eat a good breakfast, bring some healthy snacks, eg dried fruit/muesli bars, and maybe buy something hot for lunch.
  9. Don't forget to take ear-plugs.. They ran out last year .. seriously, its cool to wear earplugs
  10. Drew, I usually makes rolls and stuff, and take fruit, snacks etc. Still buy a bit of junk (chocky bar or ice cream and a few coffees), it's also a lot cheaper than buying at the track.

    Also take a couple of bottles of water. They may only have hand sanitizer in the toilets again so you can't refill your bottles, and tit adds up if you have to buy them. They ran out of bottled water at the stands one time :evil:
  11. well 2 bottle of Single malt are getting lonley in my cupboard at home so I'd better help them get consumed :twisted:

    So far we are planning on water bottle and snacks.. guess we should buy up at the supermarket and live from that.

    sallad rolls sound ok so guess i'd better find my coolerbag
  12. Trackside Camping ticket wanted

    Hey folks, going out on bit of a limb here but does anyone have a trackside camping ticket for sale? Or know anyone who does?

    If so can you please contact me on 131166


    Phone number edited - please follow forum T&C's - Flipper
  13. Aside from food ......

    Does any one know where one can get a manicure trackside?

    Like the french style. Silver with green tips.
  14. Yep, that's the way to do it. We used to do that when staying at Raywood Ave. A couple of the guys would have backpacks, some with built in fold out seats and all our crap went into them.

    Me, I'm looking forward to one of the chilli souvlakis that were sold there last year. Not cheap, but heaps better than a pie or soggy slices of potatoes that some of the vendors call "chips".

    That could be an issue again, this year. I just hope that they've catered for the greater crowd numbers in terms of food vendors (and grog ones, too, of course) as well as public facilities. Otherwise they're gonna see lots of guys queuing up in places that they shouldn't be queuing up in...

    Who knows, maybe the weather may keep some people away, and the hardy ones will benefit from fewer queues...
  15. As far as queues go , wait till the start of a race or practice and watch 4 or 5 laps then run off to the loo...THERES NOBODY THERE !! same with food/beer stalls.

    Have I blown the secret ?? Will the stands be empty after 1/3 race distance ??? :shock:

    This year I'm taking my own rococo couscous and fat hand rolled spaghetti....those vendor burgers are like the punch in a turd bowl.
  16. Food you eat at the racetrack should be of similar type and quality to that you eat on a normal outdoor excursion. I suggest an ultralight approach. Take Vit B to assist in you post booze recovery.
  17. Are you serious :shock: ..
    Get your mum to pack you a nice little sandwich if its to hard to think of for yourself.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: