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MotoGP final - Valencia (spoilers maybe)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Loz, Oct 30, 2006.




    :evil: :( :evil: :( :evil: :( :evil: :( :evil: :( :evil:
  3. Oh, and yay Bayliss.
  4. I'm shattered I wish Rossi had pulled through, I'm interested to here Rossi's comments on the race. Great ride by Baylis good year for him winning WSBK and then a Moto GP race :)
  5. :) For a deserving consitent World Champ
    :( For our unlucky hero
    :) For a great overshadowed ride by a great Aussie!
  6. Good to see a change :p and Troy still has it :grin:
  8. +1
    This year he has a superbike title and a 100% strike rate in MotoGP :) .
    Regardless of who won the chapionship i was a bit disappointed to see it decided by yet another mistake instead of a fight.
  9. yep, go bayliss!!
    but enough of the [img:49:53:72d77e9a45]http://www.cbrforum.com/upfiles/smiley/americanasmiley.gif[/img:72d77e9a45] already.....
    yeah im nasty, but he shouldnt have sooked pre-race :?
  10. Interesting take on the Australian anthem :)
  11. Beatie "its still on tape" hahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  12. Congrats Troy your a champ
  13. +1

    What an eventful end to the season. Not like Rossi to stuff up like that. Guess the nerves may have got to him. Oh well, well done to Hayden, he knew what he had to do and he went out and did it. :cool:
  14. And remember...."Good things happen to good people" :roll:

    Churlish? :wink:
  15. Way to go Troy Boy :woot:

    Excitement of Gippy Ride just got too much for me. I remember seeing up to about lap 17, then being woken up when it was all over :(
  16. Great end to a great season. What a rollercoaster of a fortnight for both Hayden and Pedrosa. I was impressed with Pedrosa letting Hayden by and then working hard to hold back Melandri. He has redeemed himself! Hayden did very well and I reckon he could have taken Caparossi if he pushed harder. I laughed at Haydens Da not looking at the screen and crossing his fingers. Gutted for Rossi though. I have never seen him drop a bike like that before, and of all times to do it. Cant be easy for him. I am so impressed with Bayliss. He rode that Ducati like he was in a superbike race. I wonder if Ducati will make him an offer to race with them for the next season. They would be foolish not to.
  17. Pooor Roosi

    You could tell he was uncomfortable with the bike....... Definately obvious..... Looks like he went for a harder front tyre than usual and as such suffered the same consequency as poor Kevin Curtain......

    Well done Nicky - but the sooking was very very unprofessional.

  18. What a race, what little that I saw of it.

    I set the recorder as I was too buggered to stay up. Get up this morning, fire up the TV to play it back - and get Rossi on lap 16 and commentary chat about Hayden having secured the championship..

    Bloody #$^^%#@@ ()^&%$#*&?>< Channel %^^#!~!` Ten for letting one of its rubbish "reality" shows for running over.

    Til I realised that I forgot to set the recorder's clock forward for daylight &^**%$#$^ savings...

    Good on Bayliss. Who would've thought that he'd qualify so high, let alone win? Hayden seemed a tad chuffed that he won the title. Good on him, too. Next year's shaping up to be a cracker of a season, what with new bikes, new champion, the usual musical chairs, etc.

    Why is it that we have cricket to tide us over one of the most boring parts of the year....
  19. It's a fcuking disgrace that the current MotoGP world champion has only ever won 3 races, two of which were at his "home court."

    The only other win he had this year was fighting with another backmarker, and backing off the throttle when Edwards went for it.

    No guts = glory.

    And to completely fail to mention Rossi in his victory speech... What a joke. He should be under no illusion, he isn't the best, or the greatest, or even one of the fast guys in that paddock. He didn't win that championship, Rossi and Capirex lost it - mainly through sheer misfortune.
  20. congrats to hayden, and bayliss.

    MJT57: i got up from bed at 11:30 and went and turned on channel 10 right in the middle of them getting their jiggy on. then it proceeded to go untill about 11:50 gees!!! (not the sex scene but the show)

    i would've liked it more if rossi hadn't of fallen off and then given a great battle with hayden for 3rd and 4th while bayliss and stoner were 1 and 2 respectively. that would've been much better.

    one last thing, i say: "BRING ON THE 800CC season!!"