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MotoGP entry question?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Can you get Gen admittance tickets at the gate?

  2. You could in the past.
  3. You can get them at at least some gates.

    Gate 1 (the main entrance) and the gate at the top corner (near Siberia) and the gate on the far side (middle of main straight).
  4. And how long does it take to get there say from Melb CBD?

    Just trying to work out my day, as I'm just going to ride down on the morning, may ride down Saturday also.
  5. Should take about an hour, depending on your speed?

    You should be able to get general admittance tickets at the gate.

    Remember to leave your bike in a secure condition!
    It's a long walk back! :LOL:
  6. it will take longer than an hour from the CBD.

    Allow 2hrs and you'll have a really nice ride, can stop at a few places and chat. From Lilydale it's 1:45.

    Be aware that the roads to PI will be policed, marked and unmarked as well as roadside cameras.
  7. Serious? It's only an hour?
  8. No way is it only an hour.
    more like 2 as Cejay said.
  9. There are also a couple of relatively new round abouts on the way there from Melbourne.
  10. On the morning of the GP there will be lots of bike traffic and increased car traffic too.
  11. Go via Cranbourne if you have time, the GP Run from Cranbourne is HUGE - 10-15,000 bikes all heading down at once - a great spectacle if you want a (big) group ride. Get there about 8-8.30 for the wave-off about 10. If not, go a different way, aim to pass thru Cranbourne before 8 or after 11 or so - or go a different way. Aim for 2 hrs and a bit more if you plan to stop for a ciggie/coffee.
  12. It's about 135kms from the CBD, with traffic and slowing down for towns and the island. It is possible to do it in about an hour and a half sticking at or near the speed limit, but if you want a coffee and fuel stop I'd allow 2 hours as already suggested :)
  13. Last year we bused it from Melb - Island took only hour half tops, on way home about couple of hrs.
    Allow some time to actually get off the island.

    Mr Charmed would know just how long it was. I was kind of suffering for car sickness, spent the entire trip back to Melb slouched down & hiding under jacket.