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MotoGP: Ducati to Unveil Rossi Livery

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kermie, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. http://www.ultimatemotorcycling.com/2011/motogp-ducati-to-unveil-rossi-livery

  2. Can't wait to see how the livery will look. The yellow of #46, Ducati red and AMG... silver(?), hmm.
  3. am sure the livery will be cool.... cannot wait to see.
  4. Hmmmmm

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  5. I am disappoint.

    Edit: I can't see any AMG logo either, what was the point of the whole Ducati-AMG announcement after the end of season testing?
  6. yuk, that is not cool and quite disgusting!
  7. A few Vale touches here and there. I am sure that - race suit aside - there will be alot of Ducati fans who are just very happy to see Valentino piloting the bike.

    So where are the pictures of the bike?

  8. The back of his suit looks better, there is also an AMG logo on the back so they are there.
  9. I haven't kept up with the news over the off season......but major sponsor is? Has Rossi walked away from Marlboro?
  10. they sure know how to string out a press launch, three days? most of the journos will have been drunk at the end of day one :LOL:
  11. hmmm dual sided swing arm
  12. I think the suit and the bike look nice as it adds colour to the otherwise homogeneous Ducati red. The Merc logo will be somewhere on his bike/suit come race time.
  13. Is it just the photo or me, the ducati red on the bikes appears to be fluro orange?
  14. Is it just me or ...

    is the rounded blob look of the ducks' pretty ordinary [fugly] ( some might say retro ) compared to the sharp lines and angles bikes have had the last few years ????


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  15. Don't like it, is Maccas their sponsor? lol

  16. THis is true -- my R1 used to show up as pink if the correct filters were not utilised
  17. It's deliberate. Plenty of R&D to reduce lift/drag so as to increase top speed and reduce fuel consumption. If you check out bikes with low drag coefficients from past years, such as the BMW K1, the Buel 1000 battle twin, and Hayabusa to name a few, they all have that bulbous yet droopy look to them. Aerodynamics. I agree, not pretty though
  18. if it was all about drag and aero's, the first thing you would think they would get rid of would be the wings.....surely the collective genius of R&B can make the bike handle without the need for appendages....??