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MotoGP Donington Park Preview (Long)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. The MotoGP circus leaves sunny California for Merry Old England, where they will arrive at Donington Park to glorious sunny mid 30 degree days……..not. Donington Park is a funny track. It boasts one of the greatest combinations of high speed turns in GP racing being the Craner Curves, with the addition of some of the stupidest chicanes and hairpins added to achieve the required GP track length. Riders have to set the bike up for both high speed cornering and heavy braking. Not usually a combination that goes together but we will leave that to the mechanic weenies to sort out. I reckon they usually tell the riders to ‘just fuggin’ ride the thing’.

    Let’s go racing.

    Rossi has pretty much dominated Donington since he arrived in the premier class. We won’t talk about the overtaking Biaggi under a yellow incident will we because that doesn’t count.

    Vale will definitely start the favourite for the race. Actually, I can’t ever remember a time he has been the not favourite. The Yamaha will be the motorcycle to beat around Donnington. It seems the most comfortable in the tighter tracks than the Honda. Michelin tires have also always gone well here, so it is a formidable combination. The Texan Tornado (I will now only refer to Colin Edwards by his nickname because it is so cool) also likes the place, so look for him to go well as he has finally found some form. YEEEHHAAAA!!

    The Honda squad will also set out to rain on Yamahas parade with Nicky ‘The Slack Jawed Yokel’ Hayden finally hitting some form after taking 34 years riding for Repsol Honda, getting to know the tracks. He was excellent at Laguna. Other challengers won’t really matter in the overall championship since Melandri clashing with Barros in the last turn at Laguna pretty much put the end to that. Gibernau may try to salvage some pride. Bayliss could surprise the old prison wardens, but probably not.

    Ducati, Suzuki and Kawasaki will battle for the usual middle positions. I hope for some improvement in form, because I think it would be even better for the series to have four or five possible manufacturers’s battling for wins. Imagine the tension!! I feel the Bridgestones are not helping much with some of the equipment they supply at some tracks. Also cutting some of the Rider deadwood in these teams, and giving some new blood a chance may also be a good bet. Does anyone get the feeling KRJR just trundles around?

    Note: Trundles around is a relative term in MotoGP, as KRJR trundling on a Vespa would cane my ass going flat out on a ZX-10.

    I lastly wish Shane ‘Shakey’ Burn a great race in front of the home crowd. There is bugger all chance of him actually winning, but we all like an underdog, and boy is the Proton KR KTM a dog. He picked up his first points for the season at Laguna. Hooray! A race win must be around the corner……

    Well this is Marky McSlow’s report from the muddy grounds of Donington Park. Don’t forget to set your videos. I am off to find some warm beer and cold girls.
  2. Discuss.
    Throw poo at other people.

    Oh wait that's monkeys who do that....

    Enjoy. :)
  3. MotoGP 1:30 am Monday morning - blue dot channel.
  4. 1.30am???

    Why so late? Are they showing something important like a Big Brother Uncut marathon or something?

    I know, I know - they're just showing their contempt for us as usual. "Your home of motorsport" - my arse. :evil:
  5. F1 GP starts at 11pm :)