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N/A | National MotoGP chit chat

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Doch, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Sorry mods if this has already been posted.
    Anyone doing the Flip island GP this year?
    It looks like I'll be going for the first time this year.

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  2. Doesn't everybody go ? :riding:
  3. anyone involved in a ride to the island?
  4. never heard of it
  5. I'm travelling with a small group from Bairnsdale to the Holy Island on the Thursday prior but it's capped at 1,000 riders.....

    Kobo :cool:
  6. Most likely going, unsure if I'll be riding or not but probably will.
  7. Going on the friday, then riding up to cranny from my place (20 mins from the island lol) to do the gp run on the sat morning, popping my gp run cherry so to speak,
  8. Today I was given a ticket for Friday, along with the day off on Friday to make it all possible. My first time to the MotoGP, and it's on the company! BOOYAH!!! :D
  9. You'll love it mate !
  10. I'm riding down on Saturday with my 14 year old first time at the GP for her and 10th for me . Normally go Fridays which is a bit quieter Saturday will be big with the good weather
  11. Just thought id put this out there, if any 1 is heading dwn tonite (thurs night) drop into the big BP at caldermeade and say gday, if u do im more than happy to make u a first class coffee for the cost of saying gday. Its the big BP/Maccas just before lang lang. I'm there from 5-11pm. Cheers Macca.
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  12. for some stupid reason the long term ongoing motogp/2/3 thread was taken away, so here it is again back from the dead!
    posts go here for all races through the season.

    so PI!
    resurfaced track causes tyre wear controversy, shortened moto2 race as a result,.

    jorge does a few hot laps with a seagull in his fairing, and then beats marquez to the new motorcycle lap record cutting 3/4 second off casey's time.

    and thats only qualifying....
  13. Mandatory bike change at lap 13-14 for MotoGP. Gonna be interesting.

    If it makes for a good race wait to see the rule change in 2014 allowing for pit stops and changing tyres...
  14. When did Casey get the lap record? I thought the record belonged to Hayden...
  15. wow - MANDATORY bike changes cause Bridgestone cannot garruntee the rear tyre won't be destroyed after 14 laps. That's nuts.

    All riders are not permitted to do more than 14 laps on 1 tyre, so if they swap before lap 12 they will have to swap AGAIN.

    gonna be an interesting day!
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    Moto GP shortened after tyre blunder
    Posted by: 3AW News | 20 October, 2013 - 9:55 AM

    Today's Australian Moto GP has been shortened to 26 laps after a major blunder by tyre manufacturer Bridgestone.

    The tyre manufacturer has revealed it cannot guarantee the safety of the rear slick tyre beyond 14 laps.

    Organisers have blamed Bridgestone for not taking due diligence in testing the tyres on the new track service.

    This means drivers will need to pit and swap bikes between laps 12 and 14.

    Meanwhile, random breath testing sites are in operation along the major highways to Phillip Island as thousands head to and from the Moto GP track.

    Police are also using automated number plate recognition technology to detect any unregistered and unroadworthy vehicles.

    Senior Sergeant Dave Watson said motorists need to be mindful the roads aren't a race track.

    "Police will be out along the major routes to make sure that everyone's safe on the roads," he said.

    "Anybody who does the wrong thing on the roads will certainly be caught and dealt with and anybody who's attending the circuit, come down , have a good time, enjoy yourself and you’ll go away having had a great experience.”


    "Number plate recognition also being used ..to make sure everyone's safe on the roads" .
    Sunscreen kept me safe yesterday

  17. So the Billion dollar mob Motogp and Bridgestone couldn't send a set of tyres down for some bike to run some laps and test the obvious...hahahahaha. good brains...
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  18. Been shortened again, 19 laps I think they said, need to pit at or before lap 10 now
  19. Well that was amusing.
  20. Pathetic is the word that springs to my mind.

    It's not like they are racing for two-bob watches, yet somehow the organisers seem to make up rules at the drop of a hat. :(
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