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MotoGP China - Round 4

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, May 1, 2007.

  1. The MotoGP teams roll up the cheap Turkish rugs they purchased from the shifty bazaars and head off to the Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants Grand Prix of China which is quite possibly the worst name for a MotoGP event ever. Only two years old, the previous wins have been split by Valentino Rossi and Danni Pedrosa. Held at the flashy new Shanghai Circuit which contains two massive top speed straights linked together by some very slow to medium speed turns, its technological advancement is not matched by any other circuit in the world but this does not mean it is a favorite of the riders.

    Casey Stoner has consistently thrown egg on my face all season where I initially predicted Loris to be the faster Duck rider. He has truly proven me wrong and is riding well fast and seems to be doing it very easy at the same time which is a great combination. You can’t deny Ducati had a massive tire advantage at Turkey but you can still rest assured Bridgestone won’t be resting on there laurels either. The huge straights should also favor the red bikes from Bologna and if I were Dorna, I would be checking to see of Ducati actually removed the required 190 cc…

    Yamaha can only hope the head of Michelin Tire development has recovered sufficiently from his stale baguette beating of all beatings and will supply a round black thing to go the distance for Rossi and all. Edwards has a different reason to blame the French after being punted off the bike in a chain reaction caused by a very optimistic, late braking Olivier Jacque. Turkey was a nightmare for the Yamaha team but you can guarantee they will bounce back strong.

    Honda also had a woeful showing in Turkey with Nicky Hayden being the fastest Michelin rider and only coming in seventh and little Danni Pedrosa was left writhing in agony in a gravel trap. You can bet there will be some polite yet stern emails sent around the HRC camp, as they don’t tolerate performance like this from there tire suppliers. Tony Elias showed that the bike is not all bad with a sterling Turkish performance, but he does not have the race to race consistency for HRC to back for the season. Melandri’s also starting to show some of last season’s pre injury promise as well.

    Suzuki must also be smiling as the over achieving Japanese team had a competitive Hopkins scoring some nice points at Turkey, and while Chris Vermeulen was delayed after an unwanted piggy back from and errant factory Honda, he set some very fast times while pissed off with a bent handlebar. I feel the long straights at Shanghai may hurt the slowish Suzukis though, and I pray for rain to level the playing field for them.

    I wonder what went through Randy De Puniet’s head as he belted past Rossi’s mishandling Yamaha in Turkey. It wouldn’t happen too often, but at least it was a better showing than his country man Olivier Jacque. I can only imagine the nightmare it must be for the Kawasaki team manager dealing with not one, but two French riders. Shudder…

    (Just kidding French people, just kidding)

    As usual, the Dunlop shod Yamaha’s where no where to be seen at Turkey, but surprisingly neither was Kenny Roberts Jnr. on his old mans bike. I don’t know whether it was tire trouble, bike trouble or that they are just slow. But counteracting the usual poor performances of the customer teams, the Pramac D’Antin Ducati’s showed a decent turn of speed at Turkey in the capable hands of Alex Barros.

    Well that’s about it for the week so to match the local Shanghai ambiance, fill your lounge with some industrial quality air pollution, order in some dodgy Chinese takeaway and crack a can of cold Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant as the worlds best soap opera for blokes gets underway for Round 4 in China.
  2. Thanks once again....brilliant as usual. I too will be waiting to see if Suzuki have squeezed just a little more speed out of the Smurfcycles, I'm not holding my breath, but wouldn't it be nice to see Suzuki back as serious contenders.
  3. Can Casey make it 2 in a row and if so, will the opposition start to crack...watch this space :shock:
  4. I have got a lot of time for the blue bikes. There is no doubt they are down on HP even with there pnumatic valves, but they definetely have a sweet handling bike and two very fast riders. They might even have a tire advantage, but often a large jump in power can come at the expense of handeling/drive etc.

    Here hoping they can find that extra 1-2 %.
  5. So when is it on?
  6. Sunday 1:30pm on FOX Sport 2 :grin:

    Ch10 at 12.20am Monday morning! :evil:
  7. Bewdie!...Thanks Triway. :)
  8. Bwahaha, so typical of Ch 10. The closer the race is to our timezone, the more reason they feel it is to put it on at a stupid time. WTF is the point of 12:20am?

    What is so important on a Sunday arvo that they can't show it then?

    Very glad I have that Motogp.com subscription. Not only is everything live, but you get all of the 125 and 250 races, podiums, press conferences and no ads. Oh yeah, and the QLF sessions. :wink: Makes the Ch 10 coverage look like the steaming turd that it is.
  9. Looking at the track layout, there is no perfect set up for it.
    It has short medium and long streights, it has sweepers, right angle corners, tight loops, & a Hairpin. Lets face it. It has a bit of everything.

    But For Ducati it has those two very long streights...
    Unless the rest of the guys can find some hidden hourses they are going to have to punt the red bikes off the track to be able to beat them I think.

    Apparently there is a Kwaka up for the job.
  10. What's the Motogp.com picture quality like, and have you found it to stream quickly enough?
  11. brilliant lead-up mate.

    Pity I don't have Foxtel! :( I tend to record in onto the HDD and watch the next day (religiously avoiding the sports updates on the news until I do).

    +1 for Casey. The Dukes are going to be strong on that track, and his form has been nothing short of spectacular.
  12. Depends which subscription you get. The $50 one has a modest sized video window, but it still beats paying $80/month for Foxtel.

    Pay $100 for the year and you get the hi res version, although I think only the races themselves are in high res.

    Streams fine on my connection. (Bigpond Cable).
  13. http://www.motogpnews.com/home.php?pageid=833

  14. Cheers VtrElmarco, always a good read.
  15. Sais a lot really about hadens hollow victory...

    Rossi saying someone rides dangerously???

    And what is wrong with Elias going in and out of corners like he is riding a dirt bike? It looks F#%$ing Fantastic
  16. Maybe he's jealous :p
  17.  Top
  18. A circuit that takes over 2 mintues to complete and the 1st to 19th the difference is only 1.8 secs. thats pretty impressive.

    Go the Suzukis, Good to see em up the front for a change.
  19. shanghi_stunt.
    If this is how the local racers ride I can't see them making it to the podium .....
    And I'm not sure this will be accepted as 2-wheeled racing!

    taken @ Shanghi circuit 2006
  20. in those pictures those sail things in the background just look like they are waiting for a strong gust of wind