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MotoGP Catalunya SPOILER!!!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. WOW!

    Now that was a race :grin:

    Stoner (but you weren't sure until the final corner)

    All 5 manufacturers in the top 5.

    Hayden out of the top 10 :LOL: :p

  2. Awesome :cool: :grin: Thanks triway.

    We're staying up for the race so didn't want to look at the spoiler, but I couldn't help myself :LOL:

    Sounds like it'll be worth the late night anyway.... go Casey, woohoo :grin:
  3. Absolutely sensational race!

  4. What a race !!

    last 7 laps were some of the best racing for the last couple of seasons......just awesome.

    and how good is it to see Suzuki above Honda in the manufacturers points !!

    who woulda thunk to see Hopper performing so well after such a dismal last season riding that POS he had last year.
  5. Everyone who watched the race knows how amazing it was, but really for me De Puniet's efforts this weekend were the highlight.
  6. wow!!!

    what a race

    he really proved its not just the Duke
  7. Fantastic race! One of the best I have seen and for Casey to come out on top was a bonus.

    Reminded me of the battle between Toseland and Bayliss in WorldSBK about a month or so back.

    This championship just keeps getting better! :grin:
  8. I was hyperventilating by the end of that one :shock: fantastic racing! :grin:
  9. I've watched it live and now I'm watching the Channel 10 replay and taping it for another go later. Fricken awesome race, best all season :cool: . Oh! It's started, gotta go!
  10. Same here,
    listening to the foxtel commentary makes me laugh at how crap Beattie's commentary is. You couldn't excite that bloke with a pair of nipple clamps attached to a car battery :LOL:
  11. Yep that was easily the best race in the last few seasons, the last 7 laps were just fantastic. What a season it's turning out to be, the top 5 were all different manufacturers. Great to see the Kwaka get up there as well.

    Can't wait for the next race. Go Stoner.
  12. They're just getting better and better, love it.
  13. Took the fight right to the man..........and won!!!!
  14. Top race, Stoner remained cool throughout and Rossi just couldn't pull away. Some of Rossi's braking was unbelievable :shock:

    I still don't know about this :? The commentators made mention that the Yamaha had caught up, but the Duke had been the same since the begining of the season.

    The Duke still seemed to have an extra coule of ponies and pulled away from Rossi in some sections.

    Full credit to Stoner, and Rossi at least knows that if Stoner is close to him the race will never be over :cool:
  15. It's on FOX2 again at 2pm today :grin: .
  16. There were a few times in the middle parts of the race when Stoner pulled onto the home straight with Rossi up his clacker, but when they acellerated down the straight, Stoner didnt gain any distance.

    I wonder if Stoner did this delibertely to let Rossi think that with all the changes they made to their bikes set-up he could match him in the straights.

    Then when it was needed, the power Stoner produced in those last 4 laps on the final straight was just awesome. Rossi would lead into the last corner, then Stoner would flick the wrist and go bye bye.

    I was standing up yelling at the TV during those last 4 laps. The adrenalin was flowing and I was only watching.

    Phew, what a race.
  17. I thought the same thing- the Ducati didn't appear to have as much of an advantage down the straight as it previously had.
    I watched it on the computer and I was yelling too!
    Almost as much adrenaline as State of origin... and i had a lot more riding on that! :LOL:
  18. OH MY GOD!!!
    Had me screaming and Jumping on my lounge.

    I thought Stoner was good when he jumped into motogp.......but F#*#@#ck!!!.....the kid's a freak!!! LOVE HIM!!

    My first motogp at PI this year........Am I excited?

    BRING IT ON!!! YEEEEHAH!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:
  19. WHAT A RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just finished watching the Eurosports relay (I won't watch anything else now, anything with Aussie commentators just seem to pale in comparison *sigh* Ab=nywya, as many others have said, the last 6 or 7 laps just had us on the edge of the couch/seats :grin: Casey has shown us (again) that it just isn't the duke that is making him win, he has a big say in it ;) Top marks to the young lad, even if he doesn't win, this will be great experience for him. Holding off the worlds best (literally) for many corners and showing great skill + thinking was great, last week he seemed to show his inexperience with how he raced (under pressure) but this week, WOAH. Fantastic!!!!!!!