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MotoGP - Camping QN

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by asho101, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Camping on Highside this year with a few mates.

    My question, whats the go with alcohol?

    I know your not suppose to bring any, but is this policed? i.e. do they search cars?

    Can you buy grog down there?

    It would be awesome to be able to bring it!

  2. last time i was there was for the superbikes. they searched the car, but not thoroughly... enough. alcohol is pretty expensive there.. the SBK had VB an jim beam.. that was it.. beam individually was reasonable at $6 or$7 a can, but a slab was 70 bucks, a slab of vic was $50.
  3. The times that I camped and went by car we would always pack the grog under a sh#t load of stuff. This way any official would look in the back and as usual couldn't be stuffed searching too deep and let us in.
    But be warned! only take can beer so you dont get busted by the sercurity nazi's. The mungrels will take any bottles. (for safety reasons they say)
  4. A bag of oranges, a couple of syringes and a bottle of vodka.

  5. Ah memories... or lack thereof :LOL:
  7. whole loaf of bread can conceal a bottle of vodka.. but dont get caught, they dont like people having glass in the campsite.
  8. Tip the offending beverage into a plastic cordial bottle and dye it with a food colouring , ie orange.
    If you need to refill, take the cordial bottle with you and do it off site.

    If you are a something and cola person, pre mix it in those big plastic coke bottles.

    Girls luggage rarely gets searched.
    If you are taking in food etc, just put it in with the legit stuff.
  9. Last year the guard got me to pop the boot, all he saw was bags and said "i know you've got booze, just keep on the down low and don't show it off." he was right....
  10. This year I'm trying to cut back on the "old me" bad behaviour,
    this year I'm only taking two slabs of bourbon and dry(in a can) and also a slab of beer. (also in a can).
    Also some cigerettes,
    And a tent.

    Lets see.
  11. Only 3 slabs, come on you can do better than that
    Food? Whats that? it's over rated