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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nightgash, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Its that exciting time again the Grand Prix of Portugal. Who will win, can Stoner fight back and take victory?

    Nicky Hayden has been doing some testing between races, will it pay off?


  2. Please explain picture or link.

  3. He was doing promo work for the upcoming Indy round.

    Must say, Honda's 'Mass Centralisation' concept seems to have taken a back seat...
  4. :LOL: the doc from back to the future lives!! classic.
    reminds me of my 250 days.
  5. He got clocked on that thing doing 40mph. He said it felt more like 100mph. I think its an old Indian. Looks like a modified bicycle!
  6. Crashworthy clothing too!
  7. Has anyone got a P2P streaming link to tonights race?
  8. I am sure someone will peer it, but $15 and you can have the direct link from Motogp.com. If you have a HD receiver Ch10 might play it live.

    I have Foxtel and the subscription as I love the extra content you get through the year.

    NG, notice that the stream is now 16x9 as well? I was playing it through my Sammy LCD tv. A few beers and even the 400kbps feed didn't look too bad stretched over 1080x1920 screen!

    I like the commentary that you also get with the Euro rounds on the stream. And Lorenzo's performance, he really is quick.
  9. Well, it appears to be an all Michelin race this one. With the exception of Rossi, who happens to be on a Yamaha, and Yamaha's rapid direction transitioning are well suited to Estoril, right throughout practise and qualifying we saw that Michelin totally dominated the Bridgestone riders. The Ducati bikes in particular were made to look like complete rubbish, and Stoner was the only rider who managed to prevent the four Ducati's from holding the bottom four positions on the grid.
  10. I'm currently coming to terms with no longer having Foxtel Cejay :eek:hno:

    We had to decide whether to get the internet or Foxtel as we couldn't afford both. We have an HD receiver so I'll check it out tonight and see what's showing on 10. Otherwise I might have to pay the 15 bucks and watch it that way.

    $15 for 1 race... I may as well get Foxtel back :LOL:
  11. why not just come down to fairfield for sunday coffee?

    can watch for gold coin donation PLUS you get the fantastic company of other netriders ;)
  12. To be honest, if you can live with the Ch10 commentary and inconsistent commitment to showing the main race live, it's easier and cheaper to just watch that (the Ch10 HD as SD still show it delayed).

    I love the 125's and 250's and the Motogp subscription allows me to catch all the stuff that isn't broadcast. The season subscription isn't cheap at $100 but is better value than a race by race package. If you ever buy a season pass, the discount the following year is pretty good to.
  13. I signed up to Motogp at the start of the season. It works out to be $5.50 a race. The package was $100 AUD the high res version was $140 AUD but my connection is no where near capable of streaming it so I watch the 450kbs stream which is enough.


    I mainly got it as I was sick of Ch10 having it as a delayed telecast with the 250cc afterwards. Now I can get all the interviews, free practice 2, qualifying and warm ups all live streamed to my computer.
  14. What I don't understand is Casey Stoners 2008 qualifying time is 1'37.254 but his 2007 time is 1'36.341.

    He is actually much slower on the GP8 than he was last year on the GP7

    Qaulifying 2007
  16. Just watching Ch 10's RPM... they've just showed quite a few "front wheel let go" rider downs... plus a Rossi highside... what state must these guys be in when an off doesn't mess with your confidence??? :shock:

    Should be a bloody good race. ~1.6 secs between top 10. :)
  17. If any of you guys watch it on Ten you should become a Ten website member. You get free SMS reminders showing what time each round of the MotoGP will be showing.
  18. Well good job to Lorenzo. I'm sure there are more to come.
  19. Lorenzo is my new most punchable person. What a little twat. I wanted to jam that lollipop down the little turd's throat.

    Good start to the race, boring finish. Interesting to watch as Rossi slowed down towards the end of the race as the Bridgies gave up, and Stoner started picking up pace at about the same time.

    Also interesting to see that Ducati had all the top speed measurements sewn up, followed by Yamahas, then Hondas occupying pretty much all the bottom speed spots - backs up the theory that those Desmodromic valves are still the best thing going around for power - although the pneumatic Yamahas are lots better than last year's and have the handling edge it would seem.

    At a track where Michelin was expected to dominate, only Rossi and Stoner managed to salute for Bridgestone. Shanghai, however, is said to be a much more Bridgestone friendly track - and its long straights will also favour the Ducati. Stoner from Rossi would seem like a reasonable prediction there.