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MotoGP Brno

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. It’s time for the jockey-sized manly men to finish shagging super models, down the rest of their pina coladas and get down to business. It’s the end of the annoying 5 week mid term racing drought, and there are several bruised and battered bodies that have enjoyed the time off. Alex Barros and Marco Melandri are back to full fitness, while Tony Elias may be returning early from a broken femur and is claiming he 60 % fit. Alex Hoffman is still not over his nasty gash in his hand and is being replaced for one race by Ivan Silva. Ivan who you ask?

    Exactly I say.

    Anyway, the break ends at the lovely east European track Automotodrom Brno. Its 5403 metres of undulating, flowing corners and a well worn tarmac that places massive emphasis on front end feel. It causes a bit of a riddle to the tire manufacturers due to the worn surface causing a compromise between running a soft tire for good grip early in the race or a medium compound to prevent excessive wheel spin in the latter stages. They simply pray if it’s real hot.

    Michelin are on the ropes at the moment and are probably starting to panic a little bit as there is talk of Rossi defecting to Bridgestone next year if they don’t start performing. If Michelin nail a tire at Brno, Rossi on the Yamaha might be unstoppable as I still think they have the best bike going around a corner and Brno has lots linked together.

    Honda has finally made a quantum leap forward with their dog of a bike this year, but parts have not filtered down to the satellite teams yet. Look for Pedrosa to pull out a dark horse win here and Hayden may even surprise still. Tires will again play an important part, and if Bridgestone bring the goods, Marco Melandri may even have a shot. He is riding high after a heroic effort at Laguna Seca that resulted in a podium that he needed piggy backing to.

    This leaves the current and surprising world champion leader Casey Stoner. He is simply riding fantastic. While he had a definite tire advantage at Laguna Seca, he dished out a lesson in bike riding to the home town yokel’s. He also did this at one of the worlds most technically demanding tracks where home town knowledge is worth half a second a lap. His performances have outshone Loris Capirossi so much, Loris is now out of contract and is left looking to Suzuki, Kawasaki or a Pramac satellite Ducati. Loris probably still rues the day he was taken out by Sete which pretty much ended his championship dream in 2006.

    This leaves the over achievers Suzuki who have two riders in top form. Chris the V. has shone at most races and Hopkins has only had a little hiccup at Laguna. Both are fit and healthy and look for some surprise podiums from both of them. I expect Chris to go better as any improved parts will go to him first now that Hopper is off to the god-awful green bikes.

    I am unsure of Ant West’s performances so far. He is yet to really serve it up to the ridiculously good looking Randy De Puniet. I don’t even think he has a contract sorted for next year yet, so he may be short of a ride come 2008. Again. Kawasaki are finally starting to show some promise, but I feel the need a bit off extra go to really get consistent podiums.

    This will leave the Tech 3 Yamaha’s and KR Team to wallow about in last place. I prefer to see the odd podium success for the budget teams like these but it probably won’t happen in 2007. I am also puzzled as to how Dunlop make a great slick for 125’s and 250’s yet can only make a pile of gooey rubbish for the 800’s.

    Well that’s enough rubbish from me, I hope you all enjoy the latest installment. I will be kicking back Sunday night drinking some obscure Ceske beer called Tick Bite with friends.
  2. Nicely written mate :)

    I've got my money on Stoner. Wide, open track suits the ducati (but then again, every track seems to suit the duck these days). Pedrosa should go well too, I'm curious to see how many improvements Honda have been able to make on the bike and which teams are getting the new parts.

    Rossi said that both Yamaha and Michelin have been working really hard and that he's not giving up on the championship...

    I really hope to see the ducati, honda and yamaha fighting all race for the win :p
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  4. Have you been there?

    From what I know the track is massive with plenty of hard acceleration
  5. Good corner exits and hard acceleration, but the longest streight is 636 meters, cmpared to for example
    Quatar 1068
    Istanbul 720
    Shanghai 1202
    Mugello 1141
    Catalunya 1047
    Assen (Who cares it's always wet)

    Get the picture? Now Other tracks have short streights, but this is lots of right angles then short punchy streights. it will reward good exits.
    I'm not saying that Stoner will be out of it. He is able to dice with Rossi at the best of times, and the Duc has Torque to burn. But I am saying that It should be a nasty good race (If people don't root up there tyre selection)
  6. Hey, hey back off there :wink: I lived round the corner of that place for many years and I can tell you summers are not that bad at all. It just seems that when MotoGP's there it always either rains at qualifying or on race day... I've been there at the 2002-2005 race weekens (either race day or qualifying) and never got wet!
  7. The layout of Brno is a little confusing. On paper it looks very tight and twisty, but it is actually quite fast and flowing due to it being a very very wide circuit. You are right about the short straight though, so watch the riders battling monos all the time as they gear the bikes a little shorter than usual.
  8. Im just looking forward to watching Casey prove again and again that he or his lead this season is no fluke.
  9. Sunshine boy love the write up! bring on the racing.
    Go Stoner! Go Rossi! Riveting stuff...
  10. Being the resident ducati fan boy. GO DUCATI!!! errr stoner...
  11. Quote from Hayden from crash.net:

    "Brno is a track I quite like - I think most of the guys do because it's pretty exciting with climbs and downhill sections, and even though the surface is getting pretty used it's still got good grip," he said. "It's also a track where horsepower is your friend with some big uphill sections and pretty long straights. So it will be exciting to see what HRC brings back to the party this weekend."

    horepower is your friend..... duck power GO!
  12. I saw the quote origionating on MotoGP.com, I still insist that it going to be about using the power in quick hard bursts, not about having the long legs the Duck has been showing.

    But let's be honest, it is still looking like it will come down to Duck Vs Yam.

    Bring on the Grid Girls.
  13. Excellent reading as per usual Mark - lets hope sunday night sees us on the edge of our seats :grin:
  14. Thanks folks. That will probably be the last write up for the year, as things are about to get insane for me for three months. So someone feel free to chip in with their uneducated opinion about Misano in 2 weeks time.
  15. Can we maybe expect to hear some more news on who will be where in 2008?

  16. The ducatis have always been strong here, especially on the uphill section where they can (visibly) pull away from less powerful bikes.

    The hondas have also been strong at Brno over the past couple of years. Different bike this year bit I expect more of the same.

    Pedrosa will be the threat to the Duc I reckon (will back this prediction up on betandwin.com . :grin: ).

    Anyone know whether the Yams have pneumatic valves for this round??
  17. Don't know, all i could find on crash.net:

    "Nevertheless, Rossi will have new engine parts for Brno - and possibly test a new powerplant featuring pneumatic valves on the Monday and Tuesday - while Michelin is also pushing hard to get the #46 back on top"

    So that would exclude the race. But that's a big change on the bike to do mid season. If he has some reliability issues that could be the end of his season....any thoughts on this?
  18. Yeah I agree, the Kwaks have run into trouble with their pneumatic valves in the past.

    The testing regime is beyond comprehensive I would presume at the factory. The actual 'new' engine to be used by Yamaha is probably months old now. That's not to say there won't be potential problems though.
  19. anyone wanting the latest news on rider changes, team news, practice, qualifying & actual race day reporting, I cannot recommend this link highly enough. This guy has a great writing style & is clearly a true enthusiast. Updated almost daily :grin: enjoy

  20. 40 odd points down, Stoner not looking like he is going to be binning it this season.
    either try something new and make a change or at least go down fighting.
    I mean with the performance diference on the bikes, Rossi is not looking like he is going to take the season on this bike in with this set up. So they can either accept that. or make changes.
    Considering the class is all about inovation, I think making changes is brave and in the spirit of the class. So more power to them...