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MotoGP Brno (spoilers - sort of)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Ljiljan, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. An entertaining race by motogp standards. well done to Elias. Quite a shame that melandri got taken out at the end, he was moving. have to laugh at lorenzo though, two rounds in a row. He's not going to be a very happy chappy.

  2. ah lorenzo.... rossi pressure.

    im glad elias managed a win in the end, he definately deserved it!
    and melandri... wth was kallio (spelling?) thinking... then pushing him... :?
  3. Elias didn't win?
  4. podium perhaps?
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  6. Give Rossi the trophy now and send him home.
  7. It wasn't pressure from Rossi that had Lorenzo undone.

    It was Lorenzo not knowing when to back off a little, like in Jerez when he was chasing Stoner for 3rd.

    Anyway, well done to Rossi for another stellar performance. This championship is done and dusted.

    Just need the challengers up the top to stay on their bikes to give Rossi some competition.

    :LOL: Bautista, getting a bit carried away.
  8. But isn't that what pressure is? Lorenzo knew he had to push and push, beyond what the bike could give him, because he knew that Rossi was a few mm's behind him, ready to pounce.

    Rossi was pumped at the end though, wasn't he? More so than I remember for a long time. I think he knows just how tough Lorenzo is and beating him gives him even more satisfaction than normal.

    Alvaro's a funny bloke! That's a pricey mistake for the team!
  9. Yeah but he didn’t have the “maturity†to let Rossi take it there and push back for it later…
    Kallio on the other hand just had a brain fade and then started being the bully after he completely screwed the pooch
    Kallio is a knob!
  10. he was still under pressure! :LOL:
  11. Rossi won't have to ride hard, to win it from here.
  12. Damn pissed at that result! :mad:
    While Rossi is a great guy and an incredible rider, I'm getting sick of seeing him on the podium. Really hoping Lorenzo can pull one out of the bag and bring in the championship. He deserves it
  13. Not likely. Rossi has a massive lead now. The only thing that he hasn't done lately, is lose a Championship.
  14. How so? i would say there are several other riders who deserve a championship before Lorenzo.
  15. I agree. The boy has to pay his dues first.
  16. Personally I think a degree of maturity that he will only get by being beaten a few times is what he seems to need.
    A bit of a case of “Wake up kid you are playing with the big boys nowâ€.
    When he learns to lose then he may have the maturity to handle the pressure Rossi will put on him
    Rossi doesn’t just win because he is the fastest rider. He has proved it time and again. He often wins because he rattles people, and forces them to make mistakes, Lorenzo didn’t take much rattling to throw that one away.
  17. He's put in 2 good season starts, and this year he has shown he can keep up with Rossi. I would prefer to see Stoner grab another championship, but that aint hapning this year.

    As I said, its not that I dont like Rossi, I'm just getting sick of him :p
  18. For those unaware, they are showing it on 1HD now