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MotoGP Brno Review (Long)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. How have we all managed our MotoGP withdrawal symptoms during the mid semester break?

    I have had to resort to robbing people and hard drugs to relieve the boredom, but soon I can leave my life of crime behind as part 2 of the season kicks off in the lovely Ceske Repuliky. Watch your wallets people…..

    They head off to the wonderful Automotodrom Brno which is a favourite for many of the riders. It is a fastish but flowing circuit with many elevation changes amd both good drive and front end feel is required. The last turns have you head up quite a hill before the chicane leading onto the start/finish straight. It has always given close racing throwing up many different winners and Sete, Valentine and Max are always strong here. Watch for frustrated riders beating there engineers with race boots complaining about chatter from the front end.

    The only thing that matters at this point in the season it the battle for second. Rossi will have to be phoned by Jeremy Burgess to return from a yacht on the Mediterranean halfway through Friday practice. He will still win with only 3 minutes qualifying left on Saturday while forgetting he is still wearing his Ferrari race suit.

    With first decided already, the fight for the all important second place falls to six eager men. Melandri, Gibernau, Edwards, Biaggi, Barros and Hayden will all be keen to fight for first loser. Biaggi should be the front runner out of all of these guys as he loves Brno. It suits his very high corner speed style and here hoping he doesn’t lose the front like he always does. Sete is also finding some speed as well and I tip these two to round out the podium.

    The battle of the rest will all come down to the performance of the Bridgestone’s. They don’t seem to be closing the gap to the mighty French Michelins but they can still come up with the goods sometimes.

    In the battle of who cares, I hope King Kenny manages to field a team and the imaginary Blata V6 makes an appearance. Please post all the loose change that has fallen down the back of your couches to Kenny Roberts at Proton KR. He needs it REAL bad.

    Well is Marky McSlow reporting from a green field in the Czech Republic.

    Find an obscure, cheap Czech beer and send your mail order brides to the pokies, as the MotoGP season part 2 finally gets underway.
  2. Wonder if the cinema is free in our apartment block...