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MotoGP betting

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Centrebet has $5.00 for Pedrosa to win the championship. That's a pretty good price for what I reckon is a pretty safe bet. Full odds are-

    ROSSI, Valentino (ITA) 1.75

    PEDROSA, Daniel (ESP) 5.00

    CAPIROSSI, Loris (ITA) 6.50

    HAYDEN, Nicky (USA) 7.50

    STONER, Casey (AUS) 17.00

    MELANDRI, Marco (ITA) 21.00

    HOPKINS, John (USA) 41.00

    VERMEULEN, Chris (AUS) 51.00

    BARROS, Alex (BRA) 67.00

    NAKANO, Shinya (JPN) 81.00

    EDWARDS, Colin (USA) 101.00

    ROBERTS Jr, Kenny (USA) 126.00

    CHECA, Carlos (ESP) 151.00

    ELIAS, Toni (ESP) 151.00

    TAMADA, Makoto (JPN) 301.00

    DE PUNIET, Randy (FRA) 501.00

    GUINTOLI, Sylvain (FRA) 501.00

    HOFMANN, Alex (GER) 501.00

    JACQUE, Olivier (FRA) 501.00

    McWILLIAMS, Jeremy (GBR) 1001.00

    PITT, Andrew (AUS) 1001.00
  2. What will Centrebet, or indeed the government department that oversees such things do when a race is arranged to allow Pedrosa to win and thus claim the championship by a point over Rossi and Hayden by 2 points, by making Hayden run second to Pedrosa? Imagine this occuring at the PI round of the series.

    You see, what I'm talking about is the concept of "team orders", when the team management instructs the riders on what order that they shall finish.

    Now, transpose this to horse racing. Bart Cummings has two horses entered in the Melbourne Cup. He tells jockey A to follow Jockey B and if necessary try to block any passing by other jockeys because the horse that Jockey A is riding has better odds if it wins.

    What do you think would happen to Cummings and the two jockeys if this was to occur? Hint: it involves the Dept. of Justice, courts and compulsory attendance at a lockable institution.
  3. Um...............nothing!

    If you're gonna compare two different sports where different things are accepted, then imagine if the jockeys made their horse rear up over the line at the Melbourne Cup! Or, after they've won, had the horse stop and tear up the turf with it hind legs! :shock:
    Or, imagine if Rossi crossed the line and just fell off his bike to the ground in disbelief of his accomplishment like a tennis player :shock:
    Perhaps Rossi could just have his team mate 'shepperd' him the whole way through the race like in Aussie rules! :roll:

    :p :p
  4. It doesn't matter whether it's horse racing, croquet or MotoGP. There is the provision for people to place bets on the outcome of these respective events. When that happens, the risk of corruption occurs when a race team manager can throw the results via team orders.

    Your examples about the horses tearing up the turf are simply nonsense.

    Now, if team orders are an accepted thing in any form of motorsport then betting should not be allowed.

    Say, for example, we bet on Bathurst. I've got a bet on Fred Nurk to win, and you've bet on his team mate, Joe Blow who's in another car. The team manager decides to tell Nurk over the radio to back off and let Joe Blow past.

    How do you think the people who may have place a LOT of money on Nurk are gonna feel? What if some syndicate who bet a lot on Joe put the pressure on the team manager, either via coercion or a bribe, perhaps to issue the team orders? Or liken it to boxing where a fighter takes a fall.

    Do you see what I'm getting at?
  5. Should mark this as a bookmark, and revisit it at the end of the season to see how the riders actually fared in the championship.
  6. Betting always has the potential to influence the result of a sporting contest; remember the famous thrown baseball game in the 30s??
  7. Welcome to the world of gambling! :wink: :grin:
  8. Remember??......................How old are you?? :p :LOL:
  9. Melandri FTW
  10. I placed my money on Melandri, Vermeulen and Hopkins for the championship win.

    I'd much rather place smaller amounts on big odds rather than large amounts on small odds (too much risk for me). The Suzukis will be up there a few times this season, hopefully consistently.
  11. My money's on Rossi, of course!
  12. Yes it does matter, team orders are an accepted part of motor sport and they SHOULD be considered by the people making the odds.

    See above

    Welcome to the world of gambling and big money, i bet :) it's happened in just about EVERY sport over the ages and no amount of legislation will stop it.

    See above, just factor the odds to allow for it.

    Or say the orcastrated ford 1 -2, or when Brock changed cars at bathurst after his packed up or when Dick Johnson crashed out at forest elbow in the shoot out and was alowed to replace the whole car including chasis

    Punters need to make themselves aware of the rules of whatever they waste there money on, which in motorsport INCLUDES team orders