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MotoGP Best Vantage Point (General Admission)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Petie, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    Title says it all. I'm going to MotoGP on Sunday and want to take some nice photos, where's the best place to stand for a General Admission ticket holder?

    Also for those who have done this before.. I plan to leave at 1:30pm (morning commitments), will I get there in time for the start at 4pm?

    Thanks for the advice buddies!
  2. Siberia,
    turn 1
    Turn 12
    The hayshed
    Lukey heights
    Be prepared to walk a lot
  3. Oh the gp is on this weekend, ok well stoner should do it, he rides a ducati. its the buzz here in tokyo at the moment, well they are not really interested in the gp but the supers next week its all about Nori HAGA=D>.
    Hvae fun ayt the isalnd over the weekend, i:l be watching it on tv.
  4. Get there early get to Sibiria hill.
  5. Thanks Smee for the info... Can anyone tell me how long it actually takes to get from Melbourne to Philip Island on this day (baring in mind that I will be leaving at about 1pm).

    Falcon, I can't get there early.. :)
  6. I'd say you'd be there by 3.30 mate.

  7. if they could mound up the viewing area along bass strait, would make for a great vantage point. I walked round all day friday arvo, then i was marshall at 2.4 (bass strait) on sat/sun, and gee whiz, it was fek'n awesome.

    Hilight for me was listening to stoner every single lap cornering southern loop. With a fifth of throttle for most of the corner, then blasting off down to 3 was amazing. And for some reason, no bike matched stoners exhilarating pitch his dookie produced