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N/A | National MotoGP at Assen this SATURDAY

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cjvfr, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. So just a reminder that the contrary Dutch run the MotoGP this Saturday at Assen. So book your lounge seats for Sat night.

    9:30 on One.

    Dorna have announced that after many years of the Assen race being on a Saturday in 2016 it will move to a Sunday.
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  2. Watching FP1 and FP2 at the moment :)
  3. Thanks for the heads up mate. Just watching Quali now. Rossi looking strong in practice for a change.
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  4. Yep me too :)

  5. Woohoo! What a mighty lap by Rossi.
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  6. Lorenzo 8th. Wow, really hope Vale gets his sh*t together tomorrow. Everyone keeps says his qualifying has been poor, so here's his chance to put everyone in their place again.
    Could be interesting as i can't see Espargaro keeping MM back for too long - like the first corner.
  7. Sweet, thanks I would have missed this.
  8. Damn!! missed Qualifying...knew i was forgetting something. Cheers for the reminder on the main event though!
  9. I reckon Rossi for the win with MM crashing out again after overriding the poor Honda. Lorenzo second
  10. Now that Honda have gone back to the future I hope to see Marquez at least finish the race!!
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  11. I purchase the basic Video Pass each year with MotoGP. Lets me watch it live or at a time of my convenience. A bit pee'd off with WSBK as they will only let Aust see video 5 days after the event, no live coverage.
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  12. That's the dead hand of Rupert Murdoch, Fox have exclusive live rights in Australia.
  13. Yeah, VideoPass is brilliant. I eventually got used to waiting 5 days for WSBK, and spoilers are unlikely in the mainstream media anyway, but it still sucks that they don't offer it live.
  14. Damn, thanks for the heads up...just in time too,time for a beer check and off to the sofa 8) Go Dovi !!
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  15. The Moto3 and Moto2 were both cracking races. Come on Valentino!
  16. Come on poor Marquez...or Iannone need a good shake up in the rankings although Rossi and Lorenzo hard to catch :(
    God I hate that leg waving crap before the corners though...

    PS got 20 quotes off Shannons so I can win the new GSXR :D
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  17. :) Seems to have become part of the game now days.

    Marquez is getting close.
  18. Yes getting some Rossi butt wind that's for sure! Fingers crossed for Marquez that he doesn't push too hard...
  19. Whoo Hoo, What is that quote about Old Age and Treachery ;) Great run Rossi.
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  20. The Doctor is in.....

    What a finish!

    Things got fizzy.......
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