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MotoGP App for Android

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mjt57, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Dunno who's running this app but I just discovered it.


    It looks promising but at $25 I'll continue to use its website or watch it on OneHD...

    Just wondering if anyone here knows of a decent free app for MotoGP.

    Oh, and the tossers which run WorldSBK have only an iPhone app, but at least its price is more relative to what it's worth.

    And still super annoyed that Austar doesn't get the channel that has WSBs (and annoyed that Fox Sports dumped it).
  2. At $25.. it can stay on the market! :(
  3. NEWS! Austar have announced Speed and Speed HD from tomorrow, as part of the overall sports package.
  4. Wow, $25 for a MotoGP app, pretty expensive and the comments don't do the application too much justice. Judging by the market page it looks like you'll have to buy the app each year again.

    Not many installs eithre (500-1000).
  5. When an app such as this is little more than a tarted up front end for a website, it's not surprising that downloads for it are few.
  6. I'm currently viewing the F1 Android app during the 1st practice session. I'm impressed. Heaps of data. And for nix (please note, Dorna and whoever it is that runs World Superbikes)!
  7. Just read the T&C/rules. Best remove this before I get myself banned. :)
  8. Why, what did you write?
  9. I posted a link to the MotoGP app mentioned above which had been cracked so you can install and run it on your phone without paying for it. ;)
  10. It was the MotoGP APK download; v2.0.12 or something (latest version is 2.0.20?).

    I downloaded it but haven't put it on my phone yet so I'm not sure if you can update it internally.
  11. v2.1.2 is the one I have - v2.20 is the latest which I will hopefully have soon. ;)

    What do you mean by not sure if you can update internally?
  12. When I didn't have a Google Checkout account I used to download APKs and what not of applications I wanted to try out, I think in the old market or whatever some apps updated even though they werent purchased (or purchased officially from the Android Market - eg. off their official website via PayPal) so some apps had features where if you had access to the APK you could update manually with[out] the market.
  13. Geez, it didn't take 'em long to start hacking these things, did it?

    I wouldn't even know where to look, to be honest.
  14. The apps and the Android software itself has been hacked since day one. Once you know where to look you can get pretty much any paid app for free. The only problem with doing so is that when it comes to installing and updating the apps the whole process is manual for the most part. You can't just jump on the Market and update the app. You have to re-download the updated version, copy it to your phone and run it. In most cases, for the $1 or 2 that most apps are, it's hardly worth the effort which is why 99.9% of my apps I do pay for.
  15. Yeah I pay for most of the apps on my phone except for apps which are the paid version but they still include ads, that's the only ones that I don't purchase and look for alternate methods - even ROM Manager Premium, you can turn ads off in the settings section but even through I brought the app I tend to support it by leaving ads on.

    With the APK's I'm not sure how they 'hack' them, do they just use ADB and do like "adb pull motogp.apk /system/apps" and send it around?
  16. I hate ads.. can't stand them. I will turn them off straight away if there is an option to and if the app is decent, I will pay for it to have the ads removed.

    I figure that if the developer was that concerned then he/she wouldn't give you the option to turn off the ads in the first place.

    More then happy to support the developer by paying for a decent app though. :)
  17. You can sorta avoid the ads in apps if the 3G connection isn't turned on.

    As for paid apps with ads, I've never seen one of those. A bit rude if you ask me. Which ones do that, by the way?