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MotoGP Animals Vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by matt232, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Right click and hit save as...its a keeper

    motogp animals vid
    (44.5 meg)

    The origin
  2. Nice find matt232!
  3. Anybody manage to get a copy of this vid before they took it off the site? Sounds like one worth seeing..

  4. Yeah I want to watch it as well.

    All I get now:

    Not Found
    The requested document was not found on this server.

    Web Server at canadasportbike.com
  5. I've got the file but at 45MB the file is too big for me to host anywhere I have access.
  6. i'll try and get it hosted when i get home. I should have the space for it, it's just the upload time that will kill me. I'll let you know how i go when i get home from work tonight!!


    P.S. The file is Definately worth watching if you get the chance!!
  7. Thanks for the link matt :D
  8. Nice clip!

    Looks gr8 how they slide out of corners
  9. Rossi's slides in the wet are just gob-smackingly, um, ... lost for words.
  10. Finally managed to find time to watch this - Excellent score :D - good to see an Aussi rider featured too :p
  11. Is the video still up or has it been taken down?
  12. First link is down but the second one about 4 post back still seems to work.
  13. Aye, Matt me lad, 'tis a spankerin' clip.

    Stirs the passions just a touch eh?
  14. Cheers Mat,

    Great Vid, only prob is the thud with which i will be coming back to reality in the morning :LOL:
  15. Liked the vid (thanks for mirroring it Matt!) It just goes to illustrate how much skill these guys have... There were a couple of turns where you could see Rossi "feeling" the bike on the way in.. getting that perfect balance of stability and entry speed... amazing stuff :)