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MotoGP and EUROSPORT etc

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Polowski, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if any of you know how (or if) the death of the partnership between eurosport and motogp will affect motogp being shown on FOXTEL in the future?

    I'm having it installed on the weekend (the gf bought foxtel HD for me as a present) and I hope i can watch hi def motogp soon!

  2. I am also concerned about the Motogp drive toward FTA.

    However, I understand in some markets that Motogp wasn't available via FTA and that's what Dorna were striving to combat. Some FTA providers demand exclusive rights to a sport. Here, Ch10 CAN show Motogp live if they so chose, it's just that often they don't.

    If Motogp was dropped from Foxtel I would stop watching it. At worst I'd use my Motogp.com subscription instead.

    Motogp isn't HD anywhere AFAIK (Ch10 might show it on their HD channel, but it's just upscaled).
  3. If it's true, that will take it off free to air telly too.
  4. I watch it via internet streaming. I sometimes cannot even watch it on high quality because the connection keeps on dropping out or the stream misses packets. Either they are not providing enough bandwidth or the connection is poor due to the distance away from the host machine.

    I can't be bothered staying up late watching it on channel 10, not when I have to go to work the next day. So for me its internet only as I do not have foxtel.
  5. i was put on to a certain website that has all the motogp and other motorsport i can handle... which i suppose is good for backup however it would be so much easier if it stays on foxtel :cool:
  6. I've started to use free internet streaming as well. Last Superbike round I got better reception than 10 digital :shock:

    Polowski - can you shoot me a pm with your sites? I can get motogp but it's a little dodgy in quality.
  7. C'mon Dougz, you are not caring and sharing with all of us. How about he tells us all.
    You " Fathers to be " are a bluddie selfish lot.
  8. probably best left to PM's :D
  9. Why? What's there to hide? We all wanna watch!
  10. can I get a pm? please?
  11. pm please
  12. I've noticed a massive improvement these last few rounds. I normally catch the FP2/QP for the Motogp and the QP's for the 125's and 250's. At the beginning of the season there was constant rebufferring going on and the streamed bit rate was <500kbps. Now I've noticed that the bit rate is up around the 600+, I receive few (if any) rebuffers and the quality is ok to watch (after 2 or 3 beers) on the 40" sammy.

    If we lose Foxtel next year for Motogp I could never bring myself to listen to Rusty and Beattie, nor miss the 125's and 250's or have to wait for fcuking Big fcuking Brother to finish before they show the race. So it'd be more money for Dorna as I'd up my sub to the 1mbps package.

    Nightgash, what's your normal internet download speed?
  13. PM here as well please.
  14. I am on an legacy ADSL 1500 connection and download at approximately 152 kb/s

    I originally had a 512 ADSL connection and found it always had to rebuffer to watch on high quality. Because of this I upgraded to 1500 and found it would still rebuffer and sometimes make the viewing unwatchable. With a 512 connection I was downloading around 56 kb/s.