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MotoGP Accomodation

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by c0rrupt, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, sorry - this might not be the correct forum but I was wondering/hoping if anyone knew of any cheap places to stay in PI for the race day and qualifier - as i'm having problems with hotels.

    Will be going down on the bikes with my girlfriend so would need somewhere with a room, not tent etc.

    Can anyone help?

  2. It's called a tent, next to a backpackers. :p
  3. as I said in my post... cant be a tent.
  4. You are sooooo too late. Book for next year. Now.
  5. You will not find a cheap single room to rent at this late stage on Phillip Island for the GP.

    There are holiday houses for rent and sometimes people will let rooms in those houses.

    It costs at least $1200 for a house (most are upwards of $1500) so you'd need to allow several hundred dollars at a minimum for that option (not so cheap).

    Basically you can't get both cheap and in a separate room that weekend.
  6. A constructive post, thanks.

    I hear what you're saying - once of the reasons I put the post up was to see if anyone had a room in a house they had leased, cheap would be better but if need be will splash out
  7. one year i had the same problem, and ended up booking us into some kind of romantic cabin deally for three nights.

    was at least 35min drive from the track but all i could find at the time.
    even though the price was massive (approx $900), the spa bath etc did make it alot easier to convince my girlfriend the GP was worth it :)

    good luck with the search dude.
  8. Thanks mate - maybe i can roll it into a 'romantic' weekend.... !! :LOL: :shock:
  9. shoot me a PM with your phone number in it, and I'll call you this evening when I get home from work.
  10. Maybe we can help?

    We've got space for up to 3 singles and possibly a couple due to a last minute pull-out in San Remo. Mature group.

    Modern 2 bedroom fully furnished with kitchen/livingroom. Close to cafes, pub and transport to Circuit/Cowes (handy for night partying in Cowes and not wanting to ride).

    Have to pay for 4 nights at MotoGP weekend so available from Thurs afternoon to Monday morning regardless of when you turn up. Cost shared - maximum of $300 per head and reduces to $230 if we get the extra 3 people.

    Send a private mesage for more details
  11. Thanks for the info/offer Val - at this stage we may be covered now but if this changes will be in touch asap.

  12. Still got a few beds left at the house I am renting for the GP, if anyone needs accomodation, let me know. :)
  13. I wish these MotoGP accom threads appeared a day or so earlier :( Wouldn't have paid for camping
  14. Hi all,

    The bad news is that our usual group of mates isn't going down to Phillip Island for the GP this year :(

    The good news for some lucky b@stards, I talked to the owner of the house we have been staying at for the GP and the odd WSBK almost every year since 2004 and he was expecting us this year again so he still hasn't rented the place out.

    If any of you guys are going to the GP or know people going there and are in need of accommodation, it's a nice little 3 bedroom holiday house in Smiths Beach, with waterviews, a large deck and BBQ.

    But most importantly it is walking distance from the track!

    The owner is asking $700 for the week (whether you stay 2 or 3 or 7 nights, makes no difference), the place can accommodate 6 or 7 people and there is room to park bikes and/or cars. Considering the going rates for the GP, it's a bargain.

    If anybody is interested, let me know (PM or SMS 0434269278) and I'll put you in touch with the owner. It's a nice place, we have always found it and left it sparkling clean, the owner is a nice bloke, I want to be able to go back there, so no d!ckheads please - but then I wouldn't expect any here :)
  15. Just a reminder for those that are thinking about camping in their cars on the Island, 3 little words that will save you some money, "Don't Do It"

    The rangers will be out in force and they will fine each and every person that is found to be camping illegally. The fine is $250 PER PERSON, Not per vehicle.

    There are usually 2 rangers and 2 security guards wondering around in the mornings.